European Tour

Ta en selfie med kompisarna i Berlin.

Elever berättar

Här kan du läsa vad elever som rest med oss på European Tour upplevt och tyckt.

An unforgettable experience

Thank you guys so much for all this - you made this possible and I admire each one of you so much! You work so hard to make this the most unforgettable experience! I hope you keep doing it always! I love you!!

Maribel Aiguel - Argentina

The highlight of my year

The Euro Tour of 2013 is one I will never forget for my entire life. It was the highlight of my year abroad and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and will probably always remain so. The team were so amazing and helpful and they made the experience better than any of us thought possible. You won’t find a more fun, kind and dedicated team to make your travel the best it can be!

Amy Sonia – Australia

It was fantastic!

I have met so many awesome people and made friends with them and it feels so cool! I feel like I know someone everywhere in the world!!

Arendse Illum - Denmark

I would have missed something important

I just want to thank you guys so much! It was one of the best things in my year and I think I would have missed something so important. And I don't wanna know what I am going to miss by not going to the other trips. Seriously, please keep going so that future exchange students will be as lucky as me for doing this trip!!!

Eva Wurm - Austria

The best three weeks of my life

My Euro Tour was the best three weeks of my life. The trip was so well organised, the staff were absolutely amazing and the destinations were brilliant. In 21 days, we somehow managed to explore 12 different countries, learn so much more about the world around us, have immense amounts of fun and laughter AND become one big family at the same time - making life long friendships with both the other exchange students and the staff. I would recommend this trip to everyone! You get to explore the main cities of amazing countries, try traditional food, watch cultural dances, ride crazy roller coasters, experience other languages, music, culture etc. etc. This trip was everything I expected and one thousand times more. Thank you for this fantastic experience - I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Gemma Wood – Australia

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