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Tue Aug 01 2017

Diesen Samstag macht sich Emma Åkeson auf den Weg ans STS Welcome Camp in New York, wo sie zusammen mit anderen zukünftigen Austauschschüler auf ihr bevorstehendes Austauschjahr in den USA vorbereitet werden. Wir haben ihr einige Fragen gestellt über ihre Gastfamilie, warum sie in die USA wollte und auf was sie sich am meisten freut während ihrem Austauschaufenthaltes!

Name: Emma Åkeson
Alter: 17 Jahre
Heimatstadt: Kalmar, Schweden
Im Austausch in: Arkansas 17/18

Hi Emma! Tell us, what prompted you to do an exchange year?
I have dreamt about going to the USA for so long and living the American lifestyle, but I never knew how I could fulfil this dream. Now in my first year in high school, I have had an exchange student from Switzerland in my class which made me realize that I can fulfil my dream through an exchange year.

Why the USA? Did you ever consider another country to go to or did you always know it was the USA?
All that I was thinking of was the USA so I missed that you could actually go to other countries. But even now that I have checked out other destinations I can still say that the USA is the right choice for me. One of the things I’m excited to experience during my exchange year is the High School spirit, which I will experience, since the school I am attending, Greenwood High School, is an extremely sport orientated school. I think I will try to join the football team myself.

How did it go finding a host family?
It went better than expected! I was late submitting my application compared to others, who submit theirs several years in advance so I was worried that I wouldn’t find a family before I left. However, I got a placement in no time.

I was speaking on the telephone with you at STS while finishing the last part of my application and at the same time I had completed it, I got my placement in Arkansas, southern USA. I will live with the Odell Family, with mother Kristi, father Rick, a little sister and a big brother. Since the first letter from my host family I have felt so incredibly welcome and the more I speak to them, the better it feels. It feels fantastic that a family on the other side of the world is waiting for me with open arms.

Do you know anyone else going on exchange this fall?
Yes, I came to know three other girls that I met at the STS Pre-Departure meeting in Gothenburg and we have had contact with each other since then. It’s great that we who have this big adventure in front of us can share our thoughts and tips with one another. I can imagine that the people I know that are NOT going on an exchange year are pretty sick of me talking about USA, haha!

Finally, Emma: what are you most looking forward to with the year?!
Everything!!! To become a part of the family, going to an American school with American football and all new friends! I am also looking forward to the USA as a country, especially New York and Arkansas. But most of all the family, to have another home on the other side of the world must be amazing.

Now there is just a few days left to go, it feels unreal that so soon I’ll be in New York, but I am so ready for this adventure!

Wir wünschen Emma eine grossartige Reise nach New York, ein tolles Jahr in Arkansas und wir können es kaum erwarten, von ihren Erfahrungen zu hören!

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