STS High School 14–18 years of age
Discover your in a new destination


STS Scholarships will bring many applicants that step closer to achieving their dream of an exchange abroad.

STS Education awards partical scholarships.

All applicants accepted for an High School exchange year with STS can apply for a scholarship. Our scholarships are $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000.

The scholarship application deadline for January 2022 is 1 July 2021.

Motivation Video Scholarship Challenge 2021

Applications to STS Scholarship Fund – For exchange during the year 2021/2022

Show us why you’ll make a great exchange student and get the chance to receive a scholarship worth 1000 EUR

Send us a video that shows off your creativity, your ambition and your passion for cultural exchange.

How it works:

Step 1: Begin your high school exchange application process

Step 2: Complete an introductory interview

Step 3: Receive your booking number and confirm your spot in the programme

Step 4: Submit your motivation video by 31 March, 2021

Your video:

Your motivation video should address the following:

- Why do you want to go on a high school exchange?

- Why did you choose STS?

- Why do you want to go to your chosen destination?

- Why should you be chosen as a scholarship recipient?

The video doesn’t need to be too fancy or complicated. Just make sure to highlight your creativity, your enthusiasm and your motivation to achieve great things on your exchange.

The video must be in English, maximum 3 minutes long, and do not include music unless you’re sure you’re complying with copyright laws.

How to submit your video:

1. Start your high school exchange application

2. Complete application interview and receive your booking number

3. Send your Scholarship Application Video to Make sure to:

a. Attach your video, or a download link, to the email

b. Include your booking number

c. Attach a signed Media Consent Form

Is the video file too big? Use WeTransfer.

Selection criteria:

The scholarships will be awarded based on the interviews, videos and academic achievements. The combination of these three factors will help us determine which candidates will perform best on a high school exchange.

We’re looking for someone who:

- Is curious, creative and passionate about cultural exchange

- Embodies our core values (passion, respect and expertise)

- Shows promising academic results

- Can communicate their experiences in interesting ways through video

Winning submissions should:

- Provide good answers to the above questions (in the Your Video section)

- Be creative and demonstrate good video skills

- Illustrate the reasons why you would make a good exchange student

- Demonstrate STS’s core values:

o Passion (Do you have the drive to become a world citizen?)

o Respect (Do you have a genuine interest in cultural exchange and understanding other cultures as well as being an ambassador for your own native culture?)

o Expertise (Do you have promising academic results?)

Winners and prizes:

The best applications will be offered scholarships worth 1000 EUR in the form of discounts on their programme fee

In return, scholarship holders will share regular videos and update letters detailing their experiences, as well as do a one-week Instagram takeover.

The small print:

- We protect your personal information in accordance with GDPR. Please refer to the STS Privacy Policy that you receive with your High School application confirmation or contact your local STS office for further details.

- You must submit a Media Consent Form along with your video to allow STS to use your video(s) for marketing purposes.

- Disclaimer: you are only eligible for the scholarship if you get accepted to the high school exchange programme.

- The scholarship will only be given as a discount on your programme fee and cannot be transferred to cash payment or to anyone else. If you decide to cancel your exchange programme, the scholarship amount will be lost.