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  • STS Climate Compensation Initiative


    As a company, we are dedicated to international education and cultural exchange. We want to give young people the opportunity to discover our...
  • Gen Z is on track to become the most entrepreneurial generation ever


    Generation Z, those born after 1995, looks set to become the most entrepreneurial generation to date, with over half of them planning on becoming...
  • How to be abroad during the holidays


    Bring traditions with you Just because you are in a new country does not mean that you cannot celebrate the holidays like you usually do. Bringing...
  • “I’d do it again, without a doubt!”


    Miriam, 16, recently moved back to Austria after an exchange semester in the USA . She told us about the American high school spirit, how she met h...
  • "Being an exchange student is a once-in-a-lifetime experience"


    We had a quick chat with Amelia, who recently moved back to Austria after her exchange semester in France. Amelia told us about the reason she chos...
  • It's time for Emma to move to the USA


    This Saturday, Emma Åkeson is on her way to the STS Welcome Camp in New York, where she, together with other future exchange students will get...
  • Catch the moment – win a MacBook Air!


    A high school year abroad is full of magical moments. Preparation before departure, first days of school, spending time with the host family, getti...
  • A high school year isn't just about school


    A high school year is so much more than just studying abroad! Did you know that while away, you will not only experience the true high school spiri...
  • 5 reasons to travel


    All of us at STS believe that it’s a great idea to pack your bags and see the world at some point in your life – and we are not alone to believe so...
  • 5 spots you need to visit on your exchange year in the USA


    USA – the country many of us wants to visit to experience “The American Dream”. An exchange year will change your life and you will also get a...