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5 reasons to travel

Tue May 16 2017

All of us at STS believe that it’s a great idea to pack your bags and see the world at some point in your life – and we are not alone to believe so. A lot of researchers agree with us and there are studies that show that travelling changes you in a positive way.

The American site Buzzfeed wrote an article some time ago showing fantastic facts about how your brain and your whole personality is affected by travelling. Here are some of our favorites.

1) You become more creative
A study from the Academy of Management Journal states that people who have worked abroad become more creative. One of the researchers explain that when you travel to a new country and start acting like all the locals, you start thinking differently. Your brain becomes more flexible and also more creative.

2) You learn to trust people
The same researcher says that travel enhances your ability to trust people. When you travel, you meet great friends and will understand that the world is full of wonderful people. Imagine how many new friends you will get by thinking like this.

3) You sharpen your problem-solving skills
In the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, research shows that travel gives you new perspectives, which will make you realise there are many different ways to solve a problem. Perfect for your next school assignment.

4) You become more open-minded
The same study shows that those who study abroad learn a lot from their classmates from different parts of the world. You will bring all this knowledge back home and become more open to explore new things.

5) You become a happier person
A study from Psychological Science shows that those who wait for an experience are happier than those who wait to buy something tangible, a mobile phone for example. We can really recognise that. Isn’t it great to look forward to and count down the days to departure?

Do you want to become more creative, more open-minded and a happier person?