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A high school year isn't just about school

Mon Jun 05 2017

A high school year is so much more than just studying abroad! Did you know that while away, you will not only experience the true high school spirit, but also a lot of cool things you would not experience at home?

You will be placed in a family with similar interests to yours and learn about a local family traditions and culture. Create a lifelong friendship with your new family and do fun activities with your host siblings. No matter where your high school year takes you, there will be many cool sports and activities that you can attend at school and outside class, such as music classes, football, surfing, skiing or why not join a school club? You will meet a lot of new friends and step outside your comfort zone and experience a whole new world different from the one at home. Become the exchange student celebrity in your new local town and experience prom and graduation like in the movies with your new best friends. A high school year abroad will surely make you tons of experiences richer.

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