STS High School 14–18 years of age

Think outside the box – apply for a high school year in Brazil

Fri Apr 28 2017

USA is a huge favourite among our high school students, but why not stand out from the crowd and go on your exchange a bit further south in America. Brazil is South America’s largest country, and the world’s 5th, with 200 million inhabitants. Here you will learn both English and Portuguese, both very competitive languages, but not least you will get to explore the amazing Brazilian culture!

For instance, you just must take classes in samba during your exchange – how cool would it be to become really good at the dance? Imagine when your back home and your friends drop their jaws when they see your new moves!

Another must in Brazil is obviously the football. If you play football this is the dream land for you. Here they worship football almost religiously and the opportunity to develop your skills in the sport are great. Forget the gravel yard at home and go and play real samba football! Even if you don’t play football yourself, you must take the opportunity to check out when one of Brazil’s top teams are playing. Did you know that the Brazilian male football team has won the World Cup five times and thus more times than any other country?

Another thing you definitely cannot miss is the annual carnival – preferably the one in Rió de Janerio! The carnival is one of the most famous festivals in the world and is held before the Easter fasting every year. It’s a colourful experience where you get to experience Brazil, its culture and its people from the very best side. It’s a huge folk festival that you will remember forever. Also, remember that it’s not meant for you to just watch – you will dance all night long. Perfect opportunity to practise your new samba skills!

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