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How to be abroad during the holidays

Fri Dec 08 2017

Bring traditions with you

Just because you are in a new country does not mean that you cannot celebrate the holidays like you usually do. Bringing your traditions with you makes a great bonding experience with your host family and new friends. Maybe you can show them your best holiday recipe or teach them a traditional holiday song they know in your language. We promise you that everybody will enjoy it!

Celebrate like a local

While being abroad you should also celebrate the holidays like a local. The whole point of this adventure is to experience a new culture, and this is a perfect way to do that! Explore local markets and welcome the holiday traditions in your new country. Take this chance to go all in on the holiday celebrations with your new friends! This is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience so embrace it!

Host your own celebration

Why wait for someone else to plan a gathering, do it yourself! Invite your new friends to a holiday celebration to integrate local customs and your traditions from home. Celebrating and having fun will make you feel less homesick.

Do not spend your time calling home

If you are feeling homesick it is easier than ever to connect with everybody back home, but do not overdo it! You might be tempted to call or video chat with your family a lot during the holiday season, but overindulging will not help you lessen your homesickness. Time flies, so instead you should go out and embrace everything that your new country offers!

Travel to new places

Holidays usually mean that you will have some time off, so use that time well. Just because you have travelled to a new country does not mean that you cannot travel even more! Take the time to explore the country and go to new cities. Maybe there are some slopes or beaches close by? Take your friends with you and explore!

Invite friends or family to visit

Most people want to visit their children or friends while they are studying abroad, and what better time is there than during the holidays? There might even be other friends who are also studying abroad in the same region, make plans with as many as you can. Being with people from home will be a great comfort for you!

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