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Nicole is already going back to North Carolina!

Mon Feb 20 2017

18-year-old Nicole from Sweden recently returned from her year abroad in North Carolina, USA. Inspired by her brothers, who had also been exchange students with STS, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and met a wonderful family of five happy children when she landed. Now in February 2017, during her school break, she is going back to the US to meet her host family and best friend.

– The exchange year has been the best year of my life, and I can’t wait to come back and visit my family and friends again soon. My host family was amazing and I met the best friends over there.

Nicole is studying the second year of the IB program at the International School of Helsingborg, where she studies three languages, and she also works in a store where she gets to meet a lot of new people.

– I’m an outgoing and a very talkative person, which goes well with my great interest in languages. I’m studying Swedish, English and French in school, but I also have some knowledge in Spanish since I studied Spanish on my exchange year. After I graduate high school, I want to study languages at the university, but not in Sweden though. Maybe I’ll move back to the US!

Nicole's best memories from her exchange year is prom and the trip to Disney World with her host family. The exchange year has been incredibly rewarding and she wants to recommend it to all young adults.

– I would like to tell everyone about the journey I made and what a great experience it is to study abroad. I really wish I could do it again! What I brought with me from my exchange is that everything happens for a reason, and also that the experience improved my self-confidence. The best thing about being an exchange student is that everyone is so curious about you, and that you get to experience so many different things.

We hope Nicole gets a great holiday in North Carolina and wish her luck with her future language studies!

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