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The best way to really understand what an exchange year is all about is to read our students’ own words and their own blogs. Here you can follow their everyday life in the country and town they now call home, and also see how it is to stay with a host family.


I never realized this before but jet lag is unreal. I was constantly exhausted for four days straight (Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday) and my body just rejected all food. My family is more than I could ask for they took me food shopping and tried to make my tried ass feel as welcomed as possible. School days last from 8-2 which is actually a good time period considering the homework and the sleep exhaustion I felt.

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Ahhhhhhh after a total of 23 hours in two planes, I have finally made it to Austria. My host parents are super kind, they remind me a lot of my Nanny Libby and Papa Ray back home in Hamilton, NZ. So I think I am going to like it here, its so beautiful and the scenery is like magical.

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Looking back at 2015 I can see that even the smallest experiences have made me into the person I am today. I could write a gigantic list of all the things I've done and learnt, but I won't. Who has time to read that?! In my mood of reflection, I'll keep it crisp.

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We had seen so much already, yet Paris still had more to offer. We wandered over to the Musée du Louvre, which happened to be an old castle, like many places in Paris, we heard all about Louis and his infamous friends and pose, which naturally we all replicated.

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So when driving around in the city if you sit in the back you don’t need to wear a safet belt so I’ve adapted to that BUT in the morning I wear them because driving here is scary.

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I must admit… I’m starting to be a huge fan of the glazed donuts from Safeway!! You know what’s even better?? (Well price wise… not better because they’re kind of fatty XP) They’re only 50c!! :D That’s really cheap!

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My exchange in Sweden is officially over, and thats quite difficult to come to terms with. Knowing that the life that I lived for a semester is over is always going to be hard to leave behind..

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The last week in Italy was so much fun as well as so hard and sad.

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Late last year I got to go to the Tennessee Titans American football stadium and tour it, we did this as a field trip for my sport marketing class.

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