STS High School 14–18 years of age

USA Coast to Coast

End your exchange year with a road trip you will never forget. Travel with us for three weeks – and you will experience everything from sunny California, through the deepest Midwest and also the trendy city of New York. And build friendships for life along the way!

STS Coast to Coast in short

Travel with experienced STS leaders in mini vans through 12 states. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Washington DC and NYC are some of the stops along the way. In urban areas we stay in hotels and hostels. In beautiful rural areas we camp. Water rafting, jeep excursion, sightseeing and a helicopter ride are among the possible activities. 

Week 1

We start off in Los Angeles where you meet the group and the leaders and get a flying start with sigthseeing in Los Angeles, followed by a drive through the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas. Here you’ll experience the almost unreal feeling of seeing the world’s most famous buildings in one street, The Strip. 

For two days during the first week you will also get to see the Grand Canyon National Park, which is arguably the highpoint of the whole adventure. Some trekking and lots of photographing will take place. This is a breathtaking environment, just like the next stop: the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley.

Week 2

The tour continues to New Mexico and Texas. On the way south we stop in Santa Fe and Roswell. Visit the UFO museum and decide whether you believe a UFO actually landed here in 1947. We say goodbye to Texas and move on to Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. 

Week 3

During the last week the vans are northbound, through Tennessee. Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis and white water rafting is on the agenda before we reach Washington, DC where the White House and the Capitol is waiting. If the group is interested you can also visit the FBI headquarters, the Arlington Cemetery and some of the Smithsonian Museums. 

Our last stop is New York City. Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Broadway and Times Square are among the sights you’ll visit. You can also take the elevator up in the Empire State Building, catch the ferry to Liberty Island’s famous Statue of Liberty – or just go for a shopping spree.

Paulina’s testimony on USA Coast to Coast

"This coast to coast trip has been the greatest adventure of my life and I’ve seen so many awesome places and met so many amazing people! I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’ve had so much fun on this trip and made so many memories :) Really glad I came on this trip!"

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