STS High School 14–18 years of age

How to apply

To secure your place on one of our High School exchange programmes be sure to apply as early as possible. The application process is quite easy to understand and we will gladly help you through the steps.

#1 Find your dream

It all starts with your dream. What do you want to experience and who do you want to become? We will help you find the exchange programme that’s perfect for you. Once we’ve found it, you apply on our website.

#2 Interview – you’re accepted

After an interview with us you’ll get the great news: you’re accepted! We will guide you through the following steps of the application process. Let the fun begin.

#3 Waiting and preparation

Now there will be a waiting period. Perfect time for preparation. Read about your host country, ask us all of your questions and join our pre-departure orientation. We can also help you contact former students; they can give your their best tips and tell you all about their exchange.

#4 You’ve got your family

Time for more good news. We’ve now matched you with a carefully selected host family. Get to know them a little better via Skype, Facetime or e-mail. Learning more about each other is great preparation.

#5 Departure day

It’s time for take-off! A Welcome Camp is always included in your program fee. Your host family and your local representative are ready to welcome you and help you get the best possible cultural exchange.