STS High School 14–18 years of age
Lifelong memories

Back at home

You will return home within 10 days after school ends. Your friends and family will probably feel like you are a different person than you were when you left, because you will have changed, and gained new perspectives. Your parents may also find that you’ve become more independent and your friends will want to hear about everything you experienced.

Some students go through a kind of reverse culture shock when they get home, and miss their host family and the culture of their host country. One tip is to stay in contact with your host country and your new friends, but also to take part in our information meetings for new students and others by becoming an STS ambassador.

You can also work as a Local Coordinator, or maybe you want to work with us at STS and give more people the chance to go on the journey of a lifetime? Here, you can check out our available jobs and the possible chance to have an internship with us.

And remember: “Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened.”

Your feedback is important to us!

We would love to know how your year abroad was, and your views are important to us. Once you are back home, you will receive an email from us with several questions about your experience. Your comments are very valuable to us and we want to be able to refine and improve what we do, which benefits future exchange students.