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Language trip to Kyoto

Kyoto is a city full of surprises and endless possibilities, a place where tradition and innovation unite and create something completely unique. With so much to see, do and discover, it is simply the most perfect language travel destination.


  • Fusion of history and innovation
  • Full immersion in Japan’s unique culture
  • Superb and varied cuisine

Our programs

Japanese in Kyoto
Kyoto, Japan
  • Age 15-19
  • Host family
  • Half board
  • Japanese

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Learn Japanese in the right environment

Whether you have studied Japanese before or are a beginner, the absolute best way to learn the language is to study in Japan, and it will take your language skills to the next level. You will be surrounded by people who have Japanese as their mother tongue, giving you the opportunity to practice what you have learned in everyday situations. Our Japanese course in Kyoto gives you the chance to combine classroom lessons with fun activities and excursions, so you can improve your Japanese while exploring the city's best sights and learning about local culture. You study together with international classmates and the lessons are led by qualified and committed teachers. But our courses are about more than just language - You learn new things about the world, about your classmates and about yourself. You will grow as a person and remember this as the best summer of your life.

Living in Kyoto

On your language trip to Kyoto, you will stay with a host family, which means that you have a unique opportunity to practice the language in everyday situations and experience Japanese family life. Your host family will support you in your development and help you learn all you can about Japanese culture. The host families can live in different areas of Tokyo, giving you the chance to explore other parts of the city.


Your journey consists of more than just language lessons. You will have a packed schedule of activities and excursions that will give you a greater insight into Japanese culture. Among other things, you can learn more about Japanese crafts through workshops with origami and participate in a traditional tea ceremony. You also visit some of the city's most famous places.

About Kyoto

Kyoto was the capital of Japan before Tokyo. The city is called "the cultural capital of Japan" and is a very large tourist city with over 1000 temples and Shinto shrines. Since Kyoto has been spared from devastation during the war, the city is well preserved and very beautiful. Kyoto is also home to several of Japan's most ancient universities. A trip here is guaranteed to be a genuine Japanese experience!

Quick facts

Language: Japanese
Population: 14 million
Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)
Country code: +81

Traveling to Kyoto

It is a long trip to Japan, but we are here to make sure it goes smoothly. When you arrive, you will be picked up at the airport by a private bus and be driven to our gathering place. Then you will be picked up by your host family so you can make yourself at home. All activities are led by experienced leaders who ensure that you are safe and get the most out of your experience.


Japan is a country full of surprises and endless possibilities. Take the chance to explore the wonderful city of Kyoto, learn Japanese and experience an unforgettable journey with new friends from all over the world. Our courses in Kyoto combine lessons in the classroom with fun activities and excursions to help you improve your language skills and take part in a journey you will never forget. It is hard to imagine a more exciting place to spend your summer.