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Language trips to Malta

Year after year, Malta is high on the list of our most popular destinations, and it is not difficult to understand why. With wonderful weather all year round, a fascinating mix of cultures and fantastic landscapes, it is the perfect place for an unforgettable language trip.

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Learn English in Malta

Malta is perfect for those who want to learn English: a former British colony where English, and Maltese, are the official languages. It is a beautiful country in the middle of the Mediterranean with long summers and turquoise waters. On our language trips to Malta, you get a mix of lessons in the classroom, fun activities, and exciting excursions, which means that you will quickly improve your English. You will experience an unforgettable summer with young people from all over the world. Our experienced teachers ensure that you get the most out of the English course, the study material is of high quality and is linked to the Common European Framework of Reference. Do not miss the chance to discover this beautiful island on an eventful journey that you will never forget!

Living in Malta

On our language trips to Malta during the summer, you can choose to stay at a resort or with a host family. Both options are very popular, so choose the one that suits you best.


Your language trip to Malta includes more than just English lessons. Your leaders organise lots of fun excursions and activities that allow you to enjoy the best of Malta while having fun with your new friends. These are some of the activities included in Malta: a full day in the beautiful capital of Valetta that ends with a visit to the 5D cinema, several days on the beach, volleyball tournament and a visit to Sliema where you can shop. In addition to these activities, your leaders will organise a Student Party with music, snacks, and lots of dancing. A fun way to end an eventful day!

New for this year is that all activities are included in your trip, including an excursion to the Blue Lagoon where you can go on a boat trip and take part in the beautiful surroundings, a harbor cruise with a guided tour, sailing with a catamaran and a Beach Party.


In addition to the activities included, you also can add a day trip to Sicily, and if you feel adventurous, you can also take a diving certificate!

About Malta

Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea between the North African coast and Sicily. The island is known for its historical culture and has long sandy beaches with iconic Maltese boats and unique architecture in the form of castles and temples. The country consists of three islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino), but our students live and go to school on the main island of Malta.

Quick facts

Language: Maltese and English 
Population: 434,000 
Currency: Euro (EUR) 
Country code: +356 
Area: 316 km2

With foam parties, beach volleyball and lots of sunny days, I got a sun tan nearly as fast as a I got fluent in English. / Freja Johansson

Traveling to Malta

No matter where you travel from, our staff will meet you at the airport when you land at Malta International Airport. Depending on where you have chosen to live, you go with our leaders to the gathering place where your host family welcomes you with open arms, or to your resort with the other students. All activities are led by our dedicated and experienced staff who ensure that you have a safe and fun stay in Malta.

Weather and Climate

Malta has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers, while the temperature during the winter is around 15 ° C. The summers are always sunny and rain-free, but during the winter it is not entirely uncommon with cloudy or stormy weather. In spring and autumn, it is around 20 ° C, so the bathing season is long and extends from April to October. During July and August, the temperature is often above 30 ° C, so be prepared for some hot days, from morning to late evening.


STS has been organizing trips to Malta for several decades, and during this time this sunny Mediterranean island has been one of our most popular destinations, attracting students from all corners of the world. Malta is the perfect destination for those who want to study English and at the same time enjoy the perfect summer weather.