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Culture, art and feeling in Barcelona

Youth trips to Barcelona

Welcome to Spain's second largest city and the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. Here, with the coast facing the Mediterranean, you have as much access to sun and swimming as to breathtaking architecture, exciting history, and fantastic food.


  • One of the world's most visited cities
  • Mix of city pulse and beach life
  • Breathtaking architecture

Our programs

Spanish in Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
  • Age 15-18
  • Campus
  • Half board
  • Spanish

Let's meet

Learn Spanish in the right environment

In Barcelona, ​​both Spanish and Catalan are spoken, which are completely different languages. You will practice Spanish together with your classmates, but if you want to charm a Barcelona resident, you can practice a lighter phrase in Catalan - it is guaranteed to be a success. During your weeks in Barcelona, ​​we explore the city together and develop language skills by interacting with each other and the locals.

Living in Barcelona

In Barcelona, ​​you live with other young people on campus in the center of the city, where you are also served breakfast and dinner. Lunch is for all participants and is eaten during the excursions we do in the city. Barcelona has lots of options and Spain is known for its fantastic food, which makes lunches a part of both language training and the experience of Spanish culture.

About Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world's most visited cities and it is not hard to understand why - here is a rare mix of city pulse and beach life along with ancient history and modern technology. Maybe that is why most people who live in the city feel that they never want to move from there.

Quick facts

Language: Spanish
Population: 1.7 million
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Country code: +34

Travel to Barcelona

As one of Europe's hubs, it is easy to get to Barcelona by both train and plane.