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Welcome to London-by-the-Sea!

Language trip to Brighton

Go on our popular language trip to Brighton, enjoy England's beautiful coastline and experience the lively atmosphere. You will have the best summer of your life in one of England's most unique cities!


  • The dreamy seaside  
  • The Brighton Palace Pier 
  • Hip and varied food culture  
  • The mesmerising Royal Pavilion
  • The city’s diverse and inclusive spirit 
  • Great shopping 

Our programs

English in Brighton
Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Age 13-19
  • Campus/host family
  • Full board
  • English
English + Photography in Brighton
Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Age 13-19
  • Campus/host family
  • Full board
  • Photography course


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Learn English in Brighton

On your language trips to Brighton, you get the perfect balance between English lessons and fun activities. Brighton is often called 'London-by-the-Sea’ and is one of Britain's most vibrant and interesting cities. In Brighton you participate in our classic English course our most popular course. It is a classic language course where you improve your knowledge and your pronunciation, while at the same time becoming more comfortable speaking. On the first day, you must take a placement test to end up in a group of young people with the same pre-understanding as you. As it is an international group, you will meet new friends from all over the world. You go to school on the University of Brighton's Moulecoomb campus where your teachers make sure you learn as much as possible during the journey. All study material is included and at the end of the course you will receive an STS diploma.

Accommodation in Brighton

In Brighton you can choose between two types of accommodation. Try life on campus with other students or stay with a carefully selected host family. By living with a host family, you get to experience British traditions and you get an insight into what it is like to live here. When you live with a host family, you live with another student. Full board is included both on campus and in the host family, and no matter what you choose, we guarantee you a safe and comfortable trip with STS.


Our language trips to Brighton include not only English lessons, but also lots of fun activities for you and your new friends. Committed and experienced leaders hold all activities and excursions during the journey. A guided tour of Brighton, beach activities, beach party, various games, and sports as well as the popular student party are included for everyone, so you are guaranteed to find something you like!

About Brighton

Brighton is England's most popular coastal city, with over 8.5 million visitors each year. There is a lot going on here all year round, but during the summer, tourists and language travel students come from all over the world to enjoy all that the city has to offer. Brighton is an exciting student city that attracts young people from all over England, both for studies, internships and to work. Brighton is the perfect city to spend your language trip in!

Quick facts

Language: English
Population: 260,000
Currency: British Pound (GBP
Country code: +44
Area: 87.79 km2

My three weeks in Brighton were the best of my life! / Sabina Widman

Traveling to Brighton

Our staff will meet you at the airport when you land in England and together you will travel to Brighton. If you are going to live with a host family, you will go to a gathering place where your family will pick you up, and if you are going to live on campus, you will go there together with our staff and the other students.


Brighton is one of our most popular language travel destinations, and it is easy to understand why people from all over the world choose to travel here. Here are cozy beaches where many gather to swim, socialise and listen to music during the long summer evenings. Welcome to London-by-the-Sea!

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