Youth Travel 15-18 years of age

    Our method

    The most important thing about the trip is the overall experience and your personal development. Our basic idea is to help you grow both linguistically and as a person, while you get to experience a fantastic summer.

    STS Progressive Learning

    Good language skills and cultural awareness are more important than ever, and you get the best learning when you live in a place where you meet and talk to the locals. You get to practice the language daily and learn new expressions and pronunciations in an optimal way. By studying a language abroad, you will also learn about cultural similarities and differences, you will be motivated to learn when you get to use for your new knowledge as you go!

    Learning in school

    In collaboration with academics in the field, we have developed a philosophy and an educational perspective with a focus on learning rather than teaching. Your language skills are quickly improved through fast-paced lessons, group work and various role-plays. Conversation and interaction are important, but so are grammar, vocabulary, and reading and listening comprehension.

    Teaching adapted to your level

    On the first day of your language trip, you take a test to access your current knowledge. Based on the results, you will be placed in a group with students at the same language level. Your teachers are all carefully selected, and all teaching is conducted by teachers whose mother tongue is the language. Your teachers will often bring a piece of culture into the classroom - a unique opportunity for you to learn even more. After the course, you will be amazed at how much you have developed. When the last test is done, you will receive a certificate as proof of your development.

    Learning after school

    Your learning does not end when you leave the classroom or end after the day's course. You are constantly given the opportunity to practice the language when talking to business assistants, spending time with your host family or with your international friends.

    Personal development and new friends

    Traveling and getting to know new people, places and cultures provide so much more than just language instruction. It is a wonderful feeling to broaden your perspective and to stand on your own two feet and perhaps for the first-time travel without your parents. Together with your friends, you will have a wonderful summer with lots of fun activities, trips and experiences that give you fantastic memories.