Youth Travel 15-18 years of age
Much more than just language

Benefits of going on a language trip

Traveling and getting to know new people, places and cultures offers so much more than just learning a language. You will experience personal growth and make lots of new friends. It’s a wonderful feeling to broaden your perspective and stand on your own two feet, and maybe to travel without your parents for the first time ever. Together with your new friends, you will have a wonderful summer with tons of fun experiences that will leave you with amazing memories.

You’ll bring all of this home with you:

  • Improved language skills
    Practicing a language in the country where it’s spoken will give you an advantage and you will be able to take in new impressions and body language. This will take your language skills to a brand-new level.
  • Experience of a new culture
    When you go on a language trip, you will get to experience more of the culture than you would on a regular vacation – especially if you choose to stay with a host family. You will have local teachers who will bring aspects of their culture into the classroom.
  • Another perspective on your own culture
    By seeing your own culture through new eyes, you will learn a lot about yourself. What do you like about your country? Is there anything that you wish were different? What is different about your host country?
  • Personal growth
    This may be one of the first times you’ve traveled abroad without your parents. Standing on your own two feet will lead you to mature, and lots of valuable skills will improve, like the courage to tackle new challenges. You will also be more self-confidence, and you’ll learn to keep an open mind.
  • An international network of friends
    You will make lots of new friends, people of all ages from a variety of different countries. Be inspired by them, share your thoughts and ideas, and stay in touch. An international network is invaluable, both in your personal life and for your future career.