Youth Travel 15-18 years of age

From booking to departure

Now you have booked your language course. The adventure is about to happen! But what happens from now until the departure day? Read all about it here, and if you have any further questions, feel free to call us.

  • Confirmation
    When we receive your booking we will send you a confirmation through e-mail. You will get a link to our general terms and other important information.
  • Payment
    The program application fee is a part of the total price and will be deducted from your final bill. The remaining amount is paid around 60 days before you departure and should be paid no less than 40 days before departure.
  • Check your extras
    Be sure to have made all your add-on options such as travel insurance or additional sport course.
  • Sport courses
    Want to practice your language while doing your favorite sport? We offer additional sport courses in windsurfing, diving, tennis, yoga and beach volleyball, among others. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.
  • My Page
    In the spring, you will receive login information for a page that we call My Page. Here you will find detailed information about your trip. Here you can also check your own information and make sure that everything is correct. A couple of weeks before departure, all preparations are complete and you will also see contact information for your leader and host family (if you have chosen to live in a host family).
  • Student handbook
    Before your trip, we publish our Student handbook on My Page. It contains lots of useful tips, information about your destination and the answers to most of your questions. Our rules and regulations are also included. Please make sure to go through these with your parents before departure, it will make you well-prepared for a successful trip!
  • Departure meeting
    We arrange online departure meetings during the spring. Here, representatives from STS give all the practical information needed and you will get the answers to any last questions.