Youth Travel 15-18 years of age

How do I pay for my STS youth trip?

How do I pay for my STS youth trip?

  1. When booking your trip online, you pay a booking fee of 200 EUR that confirms your spot. This fee is included in the total program cost.
  2. The rest of your program fee will be invoiced 60 days before departure. If you have booked with a discount, this is also when it will be applied.

This means that you can secure your spot today by only paying an application fee and postponing the remainder of the payment to spring! For courses at other times of the year than the summer, other payment schedules might apply.

Please note that you are responsible for booking transportation to the destination, if not displayed otherwise. Book your flight/train tickets so that you arrive at the same date as your course starts, and depart the same day as the course ends.

For full payment information, read more here