Youth Travel 15-18 years of age
Here is how it works

From booking to departure

Your adventure is just around the corner and you may have already booked your language trip! But what happens from now until your date of departure? Read more about it here, and if you have more questions, contact us!


When we have received your order, we will email you a confirmation with a link to sign our parental agreement, general terms and conditions and other important information.

Invoice and payment

The registration fee for the program is part of the total price and is paid in conjunction with booking your trip. The remaining amount is to be paid 40 days before your departure and the invoice will be sent to you about 60 days before your departure. You can also choose to pay for the entire trip at once when you book.

Add on to your trip

Do you want to practice your language skills while also playing your favorite sport or going on extra excursions? Sometimes we offer extra classes or extra excursions. See what is available for your trip and book these options when you book your language trip. Don’t hesitate to ask us for guidance.

Pre-Departure Orientation

In spring, we hold an online Pre-Departure Orientation meetings. At the meeting, STS representatives will present all the practical information you need, and answer any new questions you may have. We will also send you a handbook with lots of great tips before your trip.

One week before your departure, we will send you information about your accommodation, arrival information, important phone numbers to our local partner staff and more. Everything you need to feel secure during your trip with us.

Tickets for your trip

When going on a language trip, you will book your train or plane tickets yourself. You will also travel on your own.

Please schedule your tickets via our partner DIB Travel by calling +46108887062 or via email to and say that you are booking for an STS student. DIB will help you book your itinerary and your preferred mode of travel, as well as a companion for the trip if you would like one. It's also good to book changeable and refundable tickets- just in case. Booking via DIB is done in English or Swedish.

Your arrival

At your destination we will meet you and we will arrange the transportation to your accommodation and you will receive information about how to get to school and what times you need to stick to. Please be aware that we sometimes take photos of our students and share them on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook. If you do not want to be included in the picture or if your parents don’t want you to be in the picture, it is important that you let us know when you agree to our terms and conditions.