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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding going abroad on a STS youth travel. If you’re unable to find answers to your questions, please feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

  • What kinds of language trips are there?

    A language trip can be put together in different ways. The STS concept is:

    Language – this is the kind of language trip where you have classes in the morning and fun excursions and activities the rest of the day and evening. This type of trip can be combined with a sports course (or photography, fashion etc) at plenty of our destinations. For this type of trip, we also offer intensive courses and courses that are specially developed for those with dyslexia.

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    Adventure – this is a very popular kind of language trip which does not include traditional tutoring. This course is packed with activities, excursions and other fun stuff. For instance, we offer Coast to Coast, an adventure that will bring our students across the US with stops at plenty of exciting places.

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    Sport – this type has its main focus on your favourite hobby. If you, for instance, like football, tennis, or surfing you can combine your passion with the language classes we offer.

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  • What do you do during the spare time?

    Your leaders will make sure that there is always something fun to do. You will go on excursions together (to the beach, the cinema etc.) or maybe try out different sports together. There are plenty of activities in the evenings – the Student Party for example! Find more information about all the leisure time activities on each destination page. 

  • What are the language lessons like?

    It definitely will not feel like your regular school lessons at home – our teachers will take into account that you are in a country where the language is spoken. There will be a variation of group exercises and supervised activities, all together with your new friends from all over the world. Your homework might, for instance, be to tell your classmates about the dinner you and your host family had last night.

  • Can I stay with my friend?

    Absolutely, we try to place friends and siblings that want to live with the same host family together. Same applies for resort and campus stays. Up to four friends or siblings can live together. Let us know when you book if there is a special person you want to live with.

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  • How do you chose your host families?

    An important part of your language trip is your accommodation. We are very strict when we select host families for our students. We set up distinct guidelines and conditions that must be fulfilled before we accept a family. We visit and interview all potential host families and then chose the best ones. We have worked with the majority of our families for plenty of years.

  • Is there anything in particular I need to think about when I book?

    It is most important that you secure your spot on the destination you want to go to. Therefore we want it to be as easy as possible for you to apply. As soon as we receive your application, we will guide you through the information we need you to provide.

  • Is it safe to travel alone?

    Yes, it is. In fact, more and more students are chosing to go on a language trip all by themselves. You will easily make new friends, which will make you forget that you travelled there alone. You will be with a group full of new friends and your leader will make sure that you all get to know each other while having fun.

  • How do I book?
    1. Choose your Destination
    2. Choose among courses and activities on your selected destination
    3. Choose the duration of your stay and what date you would like to go
    4. Fill in the application form, payment details and confirm your booking
    5. Voilá - your next adventure is waiting for you!
  • How do I know which level will suit me?

    On the first day of school everyone will do a quick test, and will thereafter be placed with a group of classmates that has approximately the same knowledge as yourself. Every group consists of roughly 15 students.

  • Which books do you use?

    STS have designed a totally unique, fun and pedagogical learning program for you. It is very popular and has been designed by our own text book authors, part of our academic team who are experts in their field.

  • What is a host family?

    A host family is just like any other family. They can consist of married couples, domestic partners or single mothers. They can be young or middle aged. Most families have their own children of different ages. Host families can live in everything from a large house to a flat. What they all have in common is that they like living in an international environment, getting to know students from all over the world. Most of them have been host families with STS students for many years, and many students keep in contact with their host families even after the trip.

  • How do I get to school?

    The distance to your school and activities varies depending on your destination and also on where your host family is located. Sometimes you can walk by foot, other times you will have to travel by bus. If you need a bus card you can buy it on your first day.

  • Can anyone go on a language trip with you?

    We do anything in our power for everyone to be able to go on the trip of their dreams. It is therefore important that you inform us if you have any illnesses, allergies or disabilities. With this information in mind we can find a solution that suits you the best. We have host families that have experience when it comes to diabetes and allergies etc. and who are well informed when it comes to medication, nutrition and the ways of living.

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  • How do I get information about my host family?

    Everyone that goes on a youth travel with us will have access to their own page on STS My Page. On this page, you will find all the details about your language trip. You will get log in details and a password sent to the e-mail address you used in your booking.

  • How does the cancellation and rebooking protection work?

    When you book your trip, you can choose a protection which will give you the possibility to rebook or cancel your trip without any extra charge until 60 days before the trip. Cancellations later than 30 days before departure require a doctor’s note.

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  • How much will I learn?

    Since you are surrounded by the language everywhere you go – at home, in school and during your spare time, you will benefit from every minute. The things you learn in the class room is just one part of the education. You will also learn a lot when you practice the language after classes, when you spend time with your host family, when you go shopping or when buying ice-cream.

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