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What kinds of language trips are there?

A language trip can be put together in different ways. The STS concept is:

Language – this is the kind of language trip where you have classes in the morning and fun excursions and activities the rest of the day and evening. This type of trip can be combined with a sports course (or photography, fashion etc) at plenty of our destinations. For this type of trip, we also offer intensive courses and courses that are specially developed for those with dyslexia.

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Adventure – this is a very popular kind of language trip which does not include traditional tutoring. This course is packed with activities, excursions and other fun stuff. For instance, we offer Coast to Coast, an adventure that will bring our students across the US with stops at plenty of exciting places.

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Sport – this type has its main focus on your favourite hobby. If you, for instance, like football, tennis, or surfing you can combine your passion with the language classes we offer.

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