Youth Travel 15-18 years of age

A typical week

Every language trip is unique, but there are some common themes: strong friendships, lots of beach time, laughter, sightseeing and learning a language. This is an example of a typical week in Brighton.

Town Walk – Sunday

"On the first day, we went for a town walk to get to know the place. We could then easily find the way to school, to the bank, the beach and to our meeting point. Perfect!"

In class – Monday

"Great day in class! We did lots of fun things. For example, we played fast paced language games in order to remember the new adjectives we had learnt."

Beach day – Tuesday

"The weather was amazing so we went down to Brighton Pier for some relaxing beach time. It’s the best place to go after school, no doubt about it."Beach day – Tuesday

Royal Pavilion – Wednesday

"Our leaders took us to the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. I didn’t know anything about it before, but it was such a cool place. Then ffter dinner, they arranged a treasure hunt in town."

Packed lunch – Thursday

"This is what my host family usually prepare for my lunch. It’s often a sandwich, some fruit, a bag of crisps and sometimes chocolate. We almost always eat out in the sun."

Student Party – Friday

"We had the best party tonight! We were dancing for hours and our leaders performed a surprise dance, we laughed so hard. Time to sleep. London tomorrow, sooo excited!"

London!!! – Saturday

"London was amazing! It was the best shopping and before we headed home we had Afternoon Tea on Oxford Street. A lot better than I thought, lots of sweets."

Beach party – Sunday

"Cozy evening at the beach. We had marshmallows over the open fire and our leaders had prepared games. Tomorrow we’re back to school. I’m excited to see if I can remember all those adjectives."