Youth Travel 15-18 years of age


All of the accommodation we offer has been carefully selected, since we know that it’s more than just a place to sleep. It will be your natural hub between classes and outings, where you bond with new friends. Students often tell us it becomes a home away from home.

STS Host Family

Most of our students choose to stay with a host family. It’s easy to understand why it’s so popular. You get to live like a local and learn about your destination from the inside, beyond the usual touristy things. Up to three other students can be staying in the family. In most families, full board is included. Most of the time, you will be out and about for lunch, therefore your family will prepare a packed lunch for you.

All our host families are carefully selected and many of them return to us year after year. What they all have in common is being curious about other cultures and willing to show you their daily routines and traditions. Get a second family abroad!

STS Resort

Want luxurious accommodation for your language trip? Choose to stay in a resort. It’s a carefully selected hotel with all the facilities you need for those enjoyable summer days. Each resort is different, but they often have a pool area, a sun deck, some kind of café and free wifi. You can share a room with up to three other students and your leaders will stay here as well. Half board is included.


In some of our destinations, we offer accommodation on a campus at either college or university campuses next to the school where you have your classes. This type of accommodation provides an authentic and genuine experience as you actually live just as you would "in real life". Some campuses include full board and others include only breakfast and dinner, depending on the course you are on.