Youth Travel 15-18 years of age

Fun free time

A language trip with us includes more than just going to school. We have included lots of activities for you and your leader will make sure to tailor the perfect schedule for your group. Can’t get enough of the outings and activities? Look for the exciting add-ons!

Activities included

There will be two types of schedules on your language trip. One for class and one for all the group activities we’ve planned for you. It can include beach days, shopping, picnics, visiting museums, playing games or exploring a city close by. Your activity leader will take the lead and make sure you have a great time!

Student Party

Bring your best party outfit! At most of our destinations we arrange at least one Student Party, sometimes in co-operation with a local club. Get together with all new friends and all the leaders at a disco and dance to good music. Naturally, we have a zero tolerance alcohol and drug policy at all parties.

Visits to bigger cities

Many of our language trips include at least one visit to a bigger city close by. Which city depends on your destination. In the UK, we often make sure to visit London and in the USA it can be Miami or Los Angeles. Bring comfortable shoes and some pocket money for food, local fares and souvenirs.

Add a Sport Course

Secure a sporty trip and add a Sport Course. Beach volleyball, wave surfing, diving or SUP. What would make your trip complete? You get lots of language practice too, since all instructors will speak the local language. Look for this add-on when you’ve chosen your destination and type of language course. Make sure to book it before departure.

Add an extra excursion

At some of our destinations you can add an extra excursion with your group. For example, a trip to Sicily. Look for this add-on on the destination you are interested in. Make your booking before you leave.