Youth Travel 15-18 years of age

What does a language trip give you?

When you are back home after your weeks abroad with us, you will realise that your language trip has given you more than just improved language skills. It’s a trip that makes you grow as a person and gives you lots of new perspectives of other cultures.

These are all the things you will bring back home:

  • Experience from a new culture
    When you go on a language trip you will experience more of the culture than on a regular vacation, especially if you choose to stay in a host family. You will have local teachers who will bring parts of their culture into the classroom.
  • Another perspective on your own culture
    By looking at your own culture with different eyes, you will learn lots about yourself. What do you like about your own country? What do you not like? Perhaps you will discover how important your home country’s traditions and values are to you.
  • Personal development
    This might be one of the first times you travel abroad without your parents. Standing on your own two feet will make you more mature and it improves many valuable skills, such as the courage to take on new challenges, gaining independence and having an open mind.
  • Language skills
    Practising a language in a country where it is spoken will give you both improved pronunciation and intonation, and new expressions and gestures. All this will take your language skills to an entirely new level.
  • An international network of friends
    Your new friends will come from many different countries. Be inspired by them, share your thoughts and ideas with them and stay in touch. An international network is invaluable, both privately and in your future career.