Voor scholieren tussen de 14 en 18,5 jaar

Exchange isn’t a year in your life – it’s a life in a year!

Wed Feb 08 2017

Heb jij ooit nagedacht over een tijdje high school in Australië? De 16 jarige Manuel uit Zwitserland zit nu op school in de Northern Beaches area van Sydney met STS High School Select. Lees zijn verhaal down under...!

“Doing this exchange is the best decision I have ever made. I have lived here since last summer, and so far it’s been great and Sydney has become my second home. Living far away from my family and friends has been tough, but it has also changed my life in a positive way as I learned to be more independent and open. The exchange has broadened my perspective and made me think differently about my home country and the things I used to find normal. I made a lot of new friends here which I’m going to miss a lot when I go back to Switzerland but at the same time I am also already excited to see them again since I am coming back to Australia one day for sure!

You just have to experience an exchange yourself to understand how amazing this way of life is. I believe that every exchange student will agree with me. If I have any troubles my host family is here for me, so I’m never completely alone. Another amazing thing is that I got to travel to different parts of Australia and see both beautiful landscapes and stunning cities so many times. Again, going on an exchange year is the best thing I’ve done in my life, and I’m not sure if I’d rather stay here or in Switzerland since both feel like home for me now…”

Geweldig vind je niet? Doe net als Manuel en neem de stap!