Våre elever fra Sveits

Vi har for øyeblikket en elev fra Sveits som kommer til Norge høsten 2019! Les mer under:

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Luca – Blid, morsom og ærlig

Navn: Luca

Alder: 17

Hjemland: Sveits

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Luca er en musikalsk gutt fra den sveitsiske hovedstaden Bern. Han er hobbyfotograf, med et stort hjerte for dyrevern. Men hans store lidenskap er musikk. Han spiller både trommer og saksofon, og synger i skolekoret.

En liten hilsen fra Luca:

My family consist of my parents, my two sisters and myself. My mother’s name is Heidi and she is 51 years old and works as a pastor in our village. My father is called Peter, he’s 53 years old and he has his own business which develops cashless payment systems. The oldest of us three children is Laila with 23 years of age. She is studying history and social anthropology at the local university. Gianna is the middle one with 19 years and she is at the same Gymnasium (Highschool) as I am. With 17, I am the youngest of the family. Laila lives in her own flat, so we are only 4 living in our house. We don’t do a lot of activities together as a family, because my parents often both have to work on weekends and in vacation time and me and my sister are also often busy. But we almost always eat together and the dining table is where all the discussions take place.

One of my main interests is music, so I play Drums since eight years and Saxophone since half of a year. I enjoy playing and listening to music and it has been for almost forever a part of my life. I also play in a percussion ensemble, sing in my schools choir and go to a song writing course. Another hobby of mine is photographing, because I like to be creative and make something out of nothing. I’m taking photos since almost two years.

I want to have a new experience by getting to know a different/foreign culture and trying to integrate into it. I also want to learn a new language that not everyone speaks and that I like. The exchange year is also an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It would also be an interesting change for me in my everyday school life.

I have chosen Norway, because I’m interested in Scandinavian culture and I, like already mentioned, want to learn a new language and I like the sound of Norwegian. This country has also a beautiful landscape that is very unique and I would also want to take a lot of photographs of it.
My friends describe me as a cheerful and humorous person, who is very open and honest and as someone who is also approaching people. I think those characteristics are very helpful when it comes to doing an exchange year. I’m looking forward to my exchange year and hope that I will have a good time in Norway.



Ønsker du mer informasjon send oss gjerne en mail på [email protected] eller ta kontakt på telefon 23 35 88 50.

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