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Vi har for øyeblikket én elev fra Thailand tilgjengelige for skoleåret 2019/2020

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Aushara – Sporty, vennlig og generøs

Name: Aushara

Alder: 17

Kommer fra: Thailand

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

En hilsen fra Aushara:

First of all, I would like to thank you for reading my letter and spending time on getting to know me better. We never met, so I hope the following lines will give you an impression about me, my life in Thailand and why I would like to spend a year in Norway.

My name is Auschara, and I'm 17 years old. My birthday is on August 29. My friends describe me as an easy-going, friendly, helpful, generous, cheerful and creative person. Smiling is my favorite thing to do because a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. I am an optimistic person and I’m always making the most out of every situation.

I am an only child, living with my mother and my stepfather in Phitsanulok, which is a small city in the north of Thailand. Both of my parents raised me to be a kind, loving, honest and responsible person. In fact, I love them all so much and you can’t put us all together in a room without smiles and good time.

I have a lot of hobbies and interested. One of my favorite hobbies is dancesport. I’m a dancesport athlete since I was 5 years old. I can dance ballroom and latin dance. I also love to gardening, listen to music, play the violin, watching movies, cooking and postcards collecting. I joined post crossing last year. I really like to know new friends, other countries, different cultures and what is happening on with their life. I’m so excited to receive postcards from stranger who live in different corner of the world. I love animals especially dogs.

By the way, you may ask me why I want to go to Norway. One of my biggest dream is studying and living abroad. I think this is the first step to make my dream come true and I want to prove myself and try this new experience. Also, live in a completely different place, with a different family, school and new fiends will be a great experience. I chose Norway because It’s a country that I’ve always loved and unfortunately, I’ve only seen in pictures and the Internet. It’s a country so different from mine, so I want to discover it!

I’m ready to talk about my culture and to explain everything I know about it, to be always friendly and helpful. I’m ready to change my routine too and to discover a new way of living, and experience the stay as best I can. I hope we will have a great year together!

Yours sincerely


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