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English Online Courses

With STS, you can now join an exciting online programme for students aged 12-17. You will improve your English and study skills while enjoying themed, weekly courses involving lessons and creative project work. You develop your grammar and all other English language skills with lessons that encourage lots of speaking and interaction with your teacher and other young students from around the world. There are virtual excursions, quiz games and other exciting activities which will take your English to the next level! All of our experienced teachers are native and qualified English teachers.

English Online Classic Course
English Online Courses
  • Age 12-17
  • 4 week course
  • 4 hrs lessons/week
  • Virtual activities and excursion
English Online Summer Course
English Online Courses
  • Age 12-17
  • 1 week course
  • 15 hrs lessons/week
  • Virtual activities and excursion


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Learn English and more

Our classes focus on improving the English language skills and getting every student speaking and interacting, regardless of level. You will also learn about British life and culture to get a better understanding of the UK whilst becoming a better English speaker.

Every class is based around a topic and theme linked to British life and culture and you will learn how to use the English language in everyday, true to life situations. English is the only language used in the online classroom at all times and you will develop your grammar, vocabulary and all the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

You will be divided into classes by age (8-11, 12-14 and 15-17 year olds) and level so that you can mix with others of a similar age and language ability. This is a fantastic opportunity to become more fluent in English as well as creating friendships with students from all over the world.

Project-based Learning

Each classes syllabus has been designed to activate every student’s English language skills and get you interacting in a communicative way with your classmates. There will be lots of talking and interaction which is the best way to learn a language.

At the end of each week you deliver a presentation showing off what you have learned from your lessons and activities. This final project is worked on throughout the week and encourages you to think creatively and put into active use everything you have learned.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate and an individual learning outcomes report written by your teacher.

Activities and Virtual Excursions

After each lesson you will enjoy an activity or virtual excursion all designed to enjoying yourself whilst using your learned English. There are lots of activities where you will get the opportunity to socialise and learn with each other. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about London and the UK through amazing virtual excursions. Activities include karaoke, Great British quizzes, talent shows and taskmaster challenges. Using the English language in these fun and engaging sessions will help you use and remember everything you have been taught.

Why choose us?

  • We have teamed up with some of the best English teachers in the UK
  • Our lessons are fun as well as educative
  • You have the unique opportunity to meet students from all over the world from home
  • All lessons are taught by CELTA or equivalent qualified teachers
  • You will receive a certificate and individual report upon completion of the programme
  • Small international groups
  • You can learn English, have fun, boost your confidence, all within the safety of your home
  • You develop your knowledge of the UK whilst becoming a better English speaker
  • Classes involve a unique combination of English lessons and virtual excursions around the UK and activities


Our new Online Language Courses will take your English skills to the next level, learning the language as well as about British life and culture. Improve your English in a fun and educative way and make new friends from all over the world.