Online programme 12-17 years of age
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English Online Intensive Course

English Online Intensive Course

Age 12-17

A year-round online intensive learning experience for students aged 12-17. A chance for you to experience exciting lessons linked to British life and culture with other young students from around the world. The classes will be an interactive and interesting mix of grammar, vocabulary, games and project work!

Course Outline

This programme includes 2 hours of lessons Monday – Friday. At the end of each week you deliver an individual presentation where you show off what you have learned during the week and can display the improvement in you English language skills.

Every class is based around a topic and theme linked to British life and culture and you learn how to use the English language in everyday, true to life situations. You improve your grammar and all English language skills in an interactive online learning environment. This is also a fantastic opportunity to meeting students from all over the world and making friends.

English Intensive Online Course

Tuition: 10 hrs English per week
Class size: Max of 12 students per class
Dates: Weekly starts all year (not during summer break)
Time: Monday to Friday
Slot A - 10-12.15 CET,
Slot B - 18-20.15 CET, or
Slot C - 22-00.15 CET
1 week
Price: 99 €

Quick facts

  • Age: 12-17 years old
  • English level: Elementary (A2) - Advanced (C2)
  • Maximum class size of 12 students
  • 10 hrs English per week
  • Homework
  • Students are evaluated based on their performance throughout the course and in their final presentation


Dates & prices