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Leggi le ultime novità di STS Education. Potrai trovare spunti di ispirazione fantastici su vacanze studio e programmi Exchange High School, oltre a numerosi suggerimenti e consigli utili prima della partenza.

  • Why you should go on a high school exchange with STS


    Going on a high school exchange is a big decision, but it will be the best decision of your life. We will help you! Here are some reasons why you...
  • How to get along with your host family


    Going abroad and living with another family may feel strange at first, especially when everything is new. You are used to certain routines and rule...
  • Experience the adventure: Tips for a successful exchange year!


    Whether you go on an exchange for three months or a whole year, it will be an incredible experience that will change you forever. You will discover...
  • Pack smart and get ready for your adventure as an exchange student!


    Wow, soon it's time for you to start your great adventure as an exchange student! It's really something to look forward to, and we want to help you...
  • STS Founder turns 90


    Today, November 28, 2022, the founder of STS, Lars Magnusson, celebrates his 90th birthday. Giving young people the opportunity to learn has been...
  • STS Education Group opens in Poland


    During the fall of 2022, STS has expanded its presence in Europe by setting up business in Poland. This will give teenagers in Poland the opportuni...
  • Friends


    STS become a new contributors to Friends – a Swedish organization working against bullying We are so proud of being new contributors to Friends – a...
  • Save the children


    STS supports Save the Children Like millions of people around the world, we’re appalled by the ongoing crisis unfolding in Ukraine. We do not have...
  • Borse di studio 2021


    Le borse di studio STS per il 2021/22 sono concesse a questi sei giovani individui curiosi e creativi che condividono tutti la nostra passione per ...
  • STS e l'ambiente


    Come organizzazione dedicata all'istruzione internazionale e allo scambio culturale, la nostra missione è consentire ai giovani studenti di scoprir...