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Julia, 17-Jährig aus Finnland für ein Schulsemester ab Januar 2023

What would you like to share with your host family?

I have lived in German speaking Switzerland for three years when I was 5-8 years old. I went to kindergarten for one year and school for two years there, so I have a fairly good experience of school in Switzerland. While living there, I learned to speak Swiss German fluently. When we moved back to Finland, I lost my language skills. I decided to relearn German, and I have now studied it for three years. I'm getting better at 03 Mini Bio it every day and can now speak and understand it again fairly well. The best way to get fluent in it again is to live in a German speaking country, and that's why I am taking an exchange semester. And because Switzerland has once been my home and it still feels like home, I chose to go there. I am ambitious, open-minded, and hardworking student. I love learning new skills and subjects and it's easy for me to maintain my motivation. I go to a high school of natural science and my favorite subjects are biology, chemistry, physics, maths and languages. I can speak English, Finnish of course, Swedish and like I already told, German.

Brief description of character:

I consider myself as an independent, ambitious, confident, adventurous, and energetic person. My days are usually well scheduled, and I like to do many kinds of activities. In addition to school, I love many kinds of sports for example gymnastics, skiing, running, cycling and CrossFit. I like exploring new places and trying new stuff. I also love cooking, reading, and watching movies and documentaries. I'm creative and as a big sister I'm used to taking the leader's role. At home I help with chores and often cook dinner for my family.


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