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Unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler, die ein Zuhause brauchen

Daniel Kubica, 16, m, aus der Slowakei - ab sofort bis Sommer 2022

What would you like to share with your Host Family and your High School?
Hey! I am Daniel and you may be wondering who this Daniel is, since you don't probably know me. Let me please introduce myself. I come from a small country in the "heart" of Europe called Slovakia. The country where I am from is situated in the north-west Carpathian Mountains. I don't live in the part near the mountains but couple of kilometers from Danube in a small town that's right next to the border with Austria. Slovakia is a very beautiful country. We have mountains, hills, plains and only 5 million people live there. It's a small country like Switzerland but a much younger one and not so I would say established one. When I return back to Slovakia I would love to bring with me all the things I hopefully learn that Swiss are doing better than we are. On to me. I am a person that tries to be positive and enjoy conversation. I like learning languages. I play the guitar. Snowboarding is my favorite winter sport and would love to explore ski resorts in Swiss mountains. I like reading books. I enjoy outdoor activities. Playing
video-games is also one of my hobbies. In the future I most likely want to study economics and my favorite subjects are languages. I also like science mainly biology and math. I am really looking forward to meet you guys in person and hope that everything will be alright.

Brief description of character:
I think I am pretty "usual" young man. But where I think I stand out is that I am pretty purposeful when I want something. I like to talk and discuss different topics and in general like talking. I am pretty great when I want to focus on something and get it done. Even when it's something boring I can cope with it. I like to explore new ideas and meet new people. I am empathetic and I am not a kind of person that enjoys conflict in any way. I also like my things ordered. On the downside. I can be sometimes lazy (I mean who's not) and I am a bit stubborn in some ways but willing to agree on a compromise.

Silvie Drahosova, 16, aus der Slowakei - 1 Semester ab Februar 2022

What would you like to share with your host family:

I would appreciate it if my Host Family showed me the countries habits, the impressive history of Switzerland and its wonderful nature. I would like to make new friends, improve my German and French skills and get a new experience at my new High School.

Brief description of character:
I am 16 years old until I was 14 we lived in Prague, where I studied Christian Doppler gymnasium. Because of my mother's work, we had to move to Vienna where I studied gymnasium. As a result of a global pandemic, we had to move. Every time we visit Switzerland I can't help myself but admire Switzerland's culture and daily life. It charmed me so much that I would like to study at a university in Switzerland. This year I joined the international Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Because of that, I improve my intelligence, sports activities, and volunteering. As a result, I ran a half marathon (21km), improved my skills in languages, and I helped even more my family. I like to study and learn new things about history, culture, science, art. I enjoy going to museums, theaters, and art galleries. Every day I walk at least 6km with my dog. I love sports such as skiing and hiking. Working around the house and making my family s life easier brings me joy. Studying new languages is very important to me, however, the german and french language has charmed the most.

Ema Buzgova, 16, aus der Slowakei - 1 Semester ab Februar 2022

What would you like to share with your host family:

love to travel, see new things, meet new people and learn new things. I like to visit museums and art galleries. I love to be in nature.

Brief description of character:

I am 16 years old and I live in Bratislava, Slovakia. If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am a hardworking person who always has something to do. However, I know how to relax and just enjoy life. For example, reading a book, etc.
Although I am very honest, I am not rude. I consider myself talkative, funny and friendly. I make new friends easily. I am also spontaneous: I can adapt quickly to new things and situations. I am open-minded. I love to travel, see new things, meet new people and learn new things. I like to visit museums and art galleries. I also love being in nature, and Switzerland has plenty of that. Why I chose Switzerland: Well on the one hand to improve my German and French, to get to know a new school system and last but not least because I love the mountains and skiing/snowboarding. I would also like to do this in Switzerland.

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