About STS

Growth through education and cultural exchange

Since 1958, we have provided international education in the form of youth trips and high school exchanges around the world. Since our beginnings in 1958, we have sent nearly 1,200,000 students out to explore new places and discover themselves in the process. Today we have offices in 11 countries and a large global network of partners, schools, host families and local employees all over the world.

Why travel with us?

We offer a big selection of destinations, great flexibility in our programmes, and we have tons of experience. But what makes us special? Why should you travel with us?

We are personal.

We know our students by name and follow you on your journey from start to finish. This is not a job for us – it’s a passion, a lifestyle. We do this because we love it. We get emotionally involved in your experiences, your well-being and your future, and we dedicate our lives to helping you reach your full potential.

We are safe

The safety of our students is always our top priority. We will make sure you feel supported and cared for throughout your entire journey and work to ensure your well-being at every stage. We sweat the details so that you do not have to.

We listen and we care

We are constantly finding new ways to make our trips better by listening to what our customers want, adapting our products to the changing times, and meeting the demands of ever more adventurous, industrious and discerning young travellers.