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More sustainable travel

In our role as an international studies and cultural exchange company, it is our mission to help young people experience the world to the fullest. But it is also our duty to instil in our students a sense of responsibility for their actions and decisions, as well as teaching them best practices for sustainable travel. We consider it our duty to take responsibility for our impact on the environment, provide sustainable alternatives and inspire healthy choices when travelling.

Climate change is a global issue that has to be taken seriously. Young people today seek ways to help the environment and to make the right choices. Our new measures will allow our students to learn how to make a difference as travellers, consumers and world citizens. To that end, STS Education has taken great steps towards reducing air travel pollution and making sure its products are produced using sustainable materials and methods.

STS Climate Compensation Initiative

We have taken some important steps towards reducing air travel by offering train transport between European countries. However, many of our programmes require air travel, which generates large amounts of carbon dioxide. We therefore offer our customers climate compensation for their air travel through the STS Climate Compensation Initiative and FlyGreenFund. This initiative supports the Global Standard Certified Programme (which contributes to the UN’s sustainability goals) and FlyGreenFund, a non-profit organisation that contributes to the development of biofuels.

Train transport for European students

As was announced in September 2019, STS Education has begun offering train transport for European students attending their summer trips in Brighton, incentivising students to choose more environmentally friendly means of transport by including stops along the way in cities like Paris or Brussels.

STS T-shirts and Backpacks

All our students receive STS T-shirts that are made with organic cotton and have the OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textile label. The materials used for STS Backpacks are produced exclusively for us in order to ensure that prohibited substances are excluded from the product. Both T-shirts and backpacks are produced in accordance with REACH – a European Union regulation that limits the use of chemical substances in textiles.