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From classmates at TAFE Queensland to business partners

Wed Jun 26 2019

The friends Simon and Leonard recently got back home from their academic year om Australia where they studied fitness together. Together they run a YouTube channel and currently they are also fully working with their company Tryington AB, where they organize boot camps, online personal training, massage and lectures – everything regarding training and health!

Name: Simon Forslund and Leonard Persson
Age: 22 years
Hometown: Uppsala, Sweden
Education: Diploma of Sport Development, TAFE Queensland Sunshine Coast, 2016–2017

– The study period at TAFE was the best time we have had so far. We met friends for life and developed tremendously on a personal level. We both have had the vision of starting our own business for a long time, and after the study year at TAFE we feel like we found our meaning. We get the opportunity to control the time and the work ourselves and we see how the company is developing in relation to the work we are putting down, there is almost no better feeling!

The fact that the career opportunities are high after completing the studies at TAFE they agree on – especially within personal training. All friends from school have already gotten jobs, and before they founded Tryington AB, Simon applied for different PT positions and got three work interviews on no time.

– It really shows the education has a really high standard in comparison to the ones at home in Sweden, says Simon.

The plans for Tryington are big. The guys are full of ideas and hope to be able to work fulltime with the company as well as with many other projects in the future. The vision is to be fully provided by Tryington and that they will be able to control their income and lives fully by themselves within five years. When asked if they would recommend others to start their career through TAFE, they agreed:

– Absolutely! Applying for studies at TAFE Queensland and to dare to take the step of actually going is the best decision we both have made. You grow so much as a person and the teachers are great. They were like friends and you could really tell that they knew their thing. STS also really helped us a lot, especially by arranging our first flat!