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Great advice for upcoming Study Abroad students

Mon Nov 20 2017

Moving abroad and studying in a new country with a foreign language can feel a bit jittery! To leave your family, friends and all the cafés you’re a regular at, for a while. It’s completely normal to feel a bit uncertain and nervous. Going abroad and stepping outside your comfort zone is a big step to many people, but always remember that with STS you always have support along the way. We have put together some advice for you who are moving abroad to start the adventure of a lifetime. It’s going to be great fun!

What you don’t learn in school, you learn in life

Studying abroad doesn’t just mean that you get new academic knowledge, but also a lot of new life experience that for instance will be very useful in your future career. You learn to trust your gut in stressful situations, to be independent and take own initiatives. Occasionally culture clashes occur, which is very instructive for you since you learn more about yourself, on how to adapt to new cultures and how to get along with different people. This is a great qualification for your future CV!

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet

Are you nervous about not finding people you have stuff in common with? No worries – regardless of the language or any cultural differences, you will study with like-minded people who study their favourite subjects just like you. This is a fantastic opportunity to network, to widen your views, step outside your comfort zone, and to say “hi” to a new person in your class. What do you have to lose, really?

New country, new experiences…

… and how awesome isn’t that! In your new country, you will experience a lot of things you wouldn’t experience in . You might learn how to surf, hike in mesmerising environments, meet students from other countries and a lot more. No matter what you experience, you will have the time of your life. Let’s start by becoming a “yea-sayer” right after you arrive! Say “yes” to the invitations for the student parties, join a student association or hang out with your new friends on the beach when the opportunity occurs. You are guaranteed to meet students in the same situation as you, which will make it extra easy to get friends!

Keep in mind that everything is going to be alright – always!

Take one step at a time. Get in to routines that suit you. Getting used to a new country can be a bit overwhelming the first days, but everything will be amazing once you adapted! Start your new adventure by making yourself at home. Wander around campus and explore the city. Who knows, you might go to a cool café and find new awesome friends right there? Or join a gym and find a work out buddy!

We are here for you

Remember – on campus you are never alone. We have STS representatives on almost all of our schools and you are free to contact them at any time.