Step by step – to become a host family

  1. Submit your interest
    Submit the application of interest – it is by no means binding!
  2. We will contact you
    We will contact you and tell you more about how it works to be a host family, answer your questions, and do a short interview. Later we match you with one of our lovely students according to your interests and preferences. You will get information about our students and get the chance to choose which student you want to welcome to your home.
  3. Home visit
    Once you have chosen your student, your local representative will do a home visit and tell you more about being a host family. You will of course be able to ask questions about exchange students and host families. Your local representative is there for both you and your family and the student throughout the exchange period.
  4. Get to know your exchange student
    Once you have decided which student you want to welcome, you start a host family application and pair with your student. You will then get each other’s contact details and get the opportunity to get to know each other before the exchange programme begins.
  5. Now the adventures begin
    Now you can start preparing yourself and start enjoying the exciting time you have in front of you. We at STS organise everything regarding the student’s travel and exchange elsewhere, such as airline tickets, school placement, visa and insurance.

Do you want to become a host family?

Do you want to know more about becoming a host family? Express your interest in the form below. We will contact you and provide you with more information. An interest is, of course, not binding.