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Do you, or maybe someone you know, have the heart in the right place and want to welcome an exchange student to your home? We are looking for dedicated families for our exchange students who come to New Zealand from all over the world. Get to know our students by reading their presentations.

Become a host family and welcome a student to your home! We are looking for kind and loving host families for our exchange students. Get to know them by reading their presentations below. Maybe you will find the perfect match for you and your family!

Students arriving in September 2020.

Tobias from Denmark

Tobias will be almost 16 years old when he arrives in NZ for his yearlong exchange. He lives in a small town near Copenhagen with his parents and two younger siblings and their dog.
Tobias likes the outdoors and keeping active. He enjoys football, skiing and anything involving water including snorkelling, diving, surfing and sailing. He likes trying new things, last year he went sky diving and he would like to try bungy jumping while on his exchange!
Tobias has travelled to many countries already including Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Qatar and Singapore.
He has chosen NZ as his exchange country as he likes to discover new cultures, relationships and nature. He is excited to experience school and make new friends and be part of a host family for his year here.

Casper from Denmark
Casper will be 17 when he arrives in NZ for his yearlong exchange.
He lives with his parents and younger brother in a city in Southwest Denmark. The family also spend time at their holiday home on the small island of Mando.
His native language is Danish but he has studied English for 7 years and German for 5 years.
He enjoys handball which he has played since he was six years old. He drives a bike in speedway in his spare time which he started when he was eight years old. He has his advanced diving certificate which he gained while on holiday in Egypt, so he enjoys doing this where the water is warmer. He has also been in tall ship races which he joined to meet new people. Previously he also practised gymnastics and swimming.
When he finishes high-school he plans to study Electrician Education in Denmark.
He is looking forward to the challenges he will face during his exchange and meeting new people.

Jacopo from Italy
Jacopo will be 16 when he arrives in NZ for his yearlong exchange in July.
He lives with his parents, grandma and younger sister and their two dogs in a small city in Northern Italy.
He attends a scientific high school in a nearby city. He enjoys music, video games and exploring local areas.
In his free time, he loves theatre and acting. His dream is to become an actor one day. He has been attending a course at his local theatre for the last four years and has practiced it through school for the last two years.
Outside of school his biggest hobby is scouting. He has been a member of scouts for the last eight years and in 2019 he attended the World Jamboree in West Virginia, USA.
If possible, he would like to continue practicing theatre and being a scout’s member whilst here in NZ.
He would like to share his Italian culture with his family and school. As he will miss his younger sister he would love to have some host siblings and is very open to being placed with another exchange student.

Maria Sofia from Italy

Maria Sofia lives in Southern Italy with her parents and younger sister. She will be 16 when she arrives in NZ for her 3-term length exchange. She has a cat called Luna. She loves animals and is a member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
She attends a scientific high school where she studies math, science, philosophy, history, literature and English. She likes ice-skating – she practices 5x a week and participates in competitions throughout the year.
In her free time, she likes to go on trips with her friends and family. She also enjoys reading, drawing and music.
She would like to share with her host family her knowledge about her home country and her own Italian/German lifestyle. She is looking forward to NZ and learning about the culture, nature and the people here.

Anna from Italy
Anna is arriving to NZ this July for a 3-term length exchange. Anna lives with her parents in a small village in a rural area in North Italy. In this region of Italy, they speak German and are very close to the Austrian border so often associate with Austria as well! Therefore, Anna’s first language is German, her second language is Italian and her third is English, she also learns Latin at school.
She likes to spend time outdoors especially with her friends and family. They go hiking, snowboarding, skiing and climbing. She also likes to spend time relaxing by reading or playing cards.
She attends a grammar school specialising in humanities. Her favourite subjects are PE, English and Natural Science. She is curious to go to school here in NZ as the school system is very different than what she is used to.
She has always loved travelling and one of her dreams has been to visit New Zealand. She is very excited to come on her exchange here and to find out more out the culture and people.

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