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Do you, or maybe someone you know, have the heart in the right place and want to welcome an exchange student to your home? We are looking for dedicated families for our exchange students who come to New Zealand from all over the world. Get to know our students by reading their presentations.

Become a host family and welcome a student to your home! We are looking for kind and loving host families for our exchange students. Get to know them by reading their presentations below. Maybe you will find the perfect match for you and your family!

Students arriving in January 2020.

Lena from Austria

Lena will be 15 when she arrives for her semester length exchange here in NZ. She lives in Vienna with her parents and older sister. On the weekends she likes to go and visit her grandparents that live nearby.
She attends a business and tourism school, where she studies English. At this school she attends cooking and service lessons as well as the usual subjects all students take. She has a very big interest in tourism and languages.
She enjoys playing and watching different sports such as soccer, American football and tennis. She likes to watch Netflix and listen to music in her downtime. She likes all genres of music, she used to play the flute, violin and piano but now she just listens.
She is excited to learn about a new culture, meet new people and learn about the NZ school system.

Niklas from Sweden

Niklas will be 15 when he arrives in NZ for his yearlong exchange.
He lives with his parents, older brother and their dog Bonnie. He is half Dutch and half Finnish. He was born in the Netherlands and moved to Sweden in 2014.
He plays instruments in his free time – mostly guitar but he also enjoys drums and piano.
He enjoys sports including sailing, hiking, snowboarding and skiing. In the wintertime he works as a snowboard instructor at his local club.
Niklas is interested to see how the school system works in NZ and wants to try different subjects. He is also looking forward to making new friends at school. He is hopeful to visit Hobbiton as Lord of the Rings is one of his favourite movies.
He is excited to learn about New Zealand’s culture and explore our nature. He also wants to improve his English as he also may wish to continue his studies in English once he is finished his exchange.

Monica from Italy

Monica will be 17 years old when she arrives into New Zealand for her semester long exchange. She comes from a little village in North of Italy where she lives with her parents, she also has two older sisters who no longer live at home. Her village is popular with tourists and is located in one of the highest mountain ranges in Italy.
She considers herself an energetic person who likes new experiences. She is a very creative person and is attending an artistic high school. Her favourite subjects are art history, drawing and painting. She enjoys painting and drawing landscapes, animal and sometimes abstracts. Monica also enjoys music, especially older music including Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and Elvis Presley. She plays a little bit of the guitar.
One of the things she loves the most is travelling and of course one of her dream destinations is New Zealand. She is intrigued by the variety of landscapes, Maori culture and nature. She is looking forward to sharing her life with her host family and is hoping they will do the same in return.

Jona from Austria

Jona will be 16 when he arrives for his semester length exchange. Jona is close with his family including his older brother. He lives at boarding school during the week which he enjoys and spends alternating weekends with his parents.
Jona is fluent in German and Slovenian, and also speaks Italian and English. He considers himself humorous and kind, he enjoys meeting new people.
He enjoys playing video games, cardistry and meeting up with friends, working out and long boarding. He also enjoys drawing and cooking. He is open to trying new things.
Jona is very excited to come to New Zealand and meet his new host family and experience the school system here.

Chiara from Italy

Chiara is 17 years old and is coming to NZ for a semester long exchange. She lives with her parents and two younger brothers in Northern Italy. She attends a language high school where she studies English, German and Spanish. She would like to go to University after high-school and study in the psychological field.

She likes listening to all types of music, reading, visiting museums, walking and hiking in the mountains. She doesn’t currently play any sports but would like to. She would especially like to try some adrenaline filled sports while here in NZ, including bungee jumping, sky diving, zip lining, caving and canoeing.

Chiara considers herself to be a bit shy at first but likes to spend time with people. She can be serious sometimes but is open-minded and easy-going. She is very close with her friends and family and likes spending her free time with them.

She is excited to come to NZ as she is looking for adventure. She wishes to challenge herself on her exchange. She cannot wait to meet new people and places and experience a new way of living. She also wishes to improve her English while here.

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