Why become a host family

Being a host family with STS means that you welcome an exchange student between 15–18 years from another country to your family. The students come to New Zealand to learn English, to go to a New Zealand high school and to experience the Kiwi culture.

You will not only get new family member and a friend for life, but also start a new adventure from your living-room and get to know a different culture. Being a host family is very rewarding, for each and every member of your family. You will all get another person to cherish and your everyday-life will get a true energy boost. This is a period you will always remember, and your host student will for sure always remember you and your loving family, and the time you spent together.

For many families, this is also a good opportunity to prepare for the day when it’s time for one’s own children to go on an exchange. It is also fun to have an extra international sibling and child in the family, one that you can have a lifelong contact with. Or it can be a wonderful alternative.

Do you want to become a host family?

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