Youth Travel 15-18 years of age

Why customers choose STS

A language trip is a big experience in every aspect of the word. Go with an organisation that will make your dream come true in a safe way. Find out more about our strengths below and what they mean for you and your experience.

#1 We are experts

We at STS have the longest experience of language travel and cultural exchanges. STS was founded in 1958 and has since built up a large global network of schools, host families, partners and local staff around the world. We have been realizing dreams daily for over 60 years and are experts in everything related to studying abroad.

#2 We are passionate about travel

We love everything that has to do with travel. We love how a journey makes you grow as a person, how it increases your understanding of other cultures, and not least how amazing fun you have along the way! When you travel with us, you will soon notice that our commitment makes a difference for you and your experience abroad.

#3 Personal contact always by your side

In order for you to get the most out of your adventure, we are by your side from the moment you decide to go to the day when you return home. We are here for your safety and want you to be able to fully enjoy your trip. Our knowledge and passion means that you always get the best possible service and can contact us whenever you want.

#4 Most satisfied customers

Our long experience and competence make us unique in the market - former STS students can attest to that. Passion for travel, long experience and knowledgeable staff who guide you play a role. Almost 100% of our latest language travel students recommend STS to a friend.