We have empowered young people since 1958!
60 years of experience

About us

STS Education has long been a pioneer in the educational travel space, with a history dating back over 60 years. We’ve accomplished this largely due to our capacity to adapt to the changing needs of students around the world, investing in their wellbeing and success, and by sticking to our core principles: 

We are personal

We follow our students’ journey from start to finish in a personal and involved way. We are invested in our students’ experiences, their wellbeing and their future, and we dedicate our lives to helping them reach their full potential.  

We are safe

Safety is always our top priority. We make sure our students feel supported throughout their journey and work tirelessly to ensure the wellbeing of every one of our students.  

We are inclusive

We firmly believe that the experiences we offer can enrich everyone’s lives, regardless of background, interests or aspirations. We thus strive to make all our products as inclusive as possible to spread the rewards of educational travel.  

We move people​

We inspire and encourage young people to grow into young adulthood through language skills, social skills and increased self-confidence. We enable young people to physically and mentally move into another world. 

We listen

We strive to always listen to what our customers want, adapt our products to the changing times, and meet the demands of ever more adventurous, industrious and discerning youths.