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5 spots you need to visit on your exchange year in the USA!

Mon May 15 2017

USA – the country many of us wants to visit to experience “The American Dream”. An exchange year will change your life and you will also get a journey and an experience that goes beyond the studies. Perhaps you would like to travel to New York, Miami and Washington, places that are most likely included under the “must-visit” category on your bucket list? It’s easy to find these “must-visit” spots in the beautiful country of USA; here are five places you maybe didn’t know existed when you wrote your bucket list!

1. Yosemite National Park, Califoria

With its beautiful and Instagram friendly nature, it’s not a surprise that people across the United States want to visit this amazing park. The park is perfect for the adventurous people since the hike takes between 10–12 hours to complete. Here you can climb mountains, hike over miles of green meadows and see the park’s famous waterfalls. Take the chance to camp in the park and to head over to the lovely city of San Francisco since you’re in the vicinity!

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has been named as the best city to travel to as a visitor to the country and we understand why. Going here is like being thrown right in to the Desperate Housewife idyll. With its quaint houses and beautiful architecture, Charleston is a city you do not want to miss on your adventure. For the foodie, it can be fun to know that Charleston is ranked as the city with USA:s 2nd best food. No matter what you decide to do, there are lots of history and culture to explore in this city.

3. Watkins Glen State Park, New York

Visit Watkins Glen State Park that is located in the state of New York. Walk through waterfalls, climb on the rocks and get an experience that you’ll never forget!

4. Hawaii Volcanos National Park

Hawaii – known as the surf paradise for many. There is a volcano park, which is great to visit for you who are not very fond of hiking, since you only need to walk about 1,5 km to get there. At Hawaii Volcanos National Park, you get to see everything from volcanoes to beautiful ocean views along the Earthquake trail & Waldron Ledge, and rainforest if you choose to take the Halema’uma’u Trail.

5. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is one of the cooler places in the United States. Here you can experience skiing, good food, shopping and culture at the same time. Great, isn’t it? Take the Silver Queen Gondola up to Aspen’s beautiful mountain peak and enjoy the 75 trails Aspen Mountains has to offer. For the adventurous one we recommend Colorado Independence Pass, a distance between Leadville and Aspen, with lots of nature and history to explore, such as Independence Ghost Town.

Curious about exploring a country beyond the studies? Start your journey with STS today! Read more about our destinations in the United States and contact us if you want to know more about the life in the states.