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Show us your best #STSmoments and we’ll give you a photo book!

STS Moments

Thu Apr 09 2020

Let your memories live on forever, even if you lose your phone or run out of digital storage. To look at printed images together is a great way to share your adventures with family and friends, and a lovely way to look back at your high school exchange, language travel or host family experience years from now.

Share your top 3 #STSmoments from 2019 or 2020 and you’ll get to create your own photo book worth €30.

This is how you do it:

  1. Post 3 images + 3 descriptions on Instagram and use the hashtag #STSmoments
  2. Send us an email at highschool@sts-edcuation.de and tell us that you have posted, including your name and your Instagram profile name. (Your Instagram profile need to be public for us to see your images.)
  3. If you don’t have Instagram, or can’t have your profile public you can email us the images instead, using the same email address as above. Don’t forget to also include a description of your 3 favourite moments!
  4. When we have collected your #STSmoments, you’ll get a digital voucher from us to use while creating and ordering your photo book.
  5. Your photo book arrives in the mail and you can start showing your best moments to your family and friends!

The photo book:

When you have completed the above, you will get a voucher from us worth €30 to use in the app Journi Print. With Journi Print you turn your photos into photo books in seconds, directly on your phone or computer. (Available on Google Play and App Store) https://www.journiapp.com/

The €30 voucher can be used to fully pay for a photobook (or another product in the Journi Print app) or to partially pay for a more expensive product if you wish.

In addition to the voucher, you will also get a 10% discount from Journi on the total cost if you choose to expand your order.

PS. When you order your book, they’ll plant a tree! <3

Your photos:

We will share the #STSmoments to inspire others to start their STS journey. When entering your photos and descriptions to us, you must own the right to the pictures you submit, and any person recognisable in the image must agree to be featured on our website, in digital and printed marketing material and in our social media channels.

As the owner of the images, you also agree that we use your images on our website, in digital and printed marketing material and in our social media channels. If you are under the age of 16, you will have to have your parents permission to agree to these terms.

#STSmoments campaign is valid April 10 – May 31 2020. Any content uploaded or sent in after that will not be rewarded with a photo book voucher.