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The mix of old and new in the UK does not disappoint. Here are beautiful landscapes, exciting cities, and a unique culture, not to mention all the nice people. It is no wonder that thousands of students choose to study here every year. Take the chance to be one of them next summer!

Our destinations

United Kingdom
  • The dreamy seaside  
  • The Brighton Palace Pier 
  • Hip and varied food culture  
United Kingdom
  • One of the world’s greatest cities
  • The centre of Britain’s cultural life
  • Steeped in history around every corner
United Kingdom
  • Classic university lifestyle  
  • Historical setting 
  • Stunning gothic architecture 


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Learn English in England

It is obvious that England is the perfect place to study English in the summer. There is a long and proud tradition of language travel, and people from all over the world travel here to learn the language and discover the beautiful country. The stunning south coast, with where Brighton is located, has attracted language students for over 50 years and is still a favorite among our students year after year. In the world city of London, you will experience a unique mix of history, city pulse and forward-thinking spirit. All our programmes offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and the country's unique cultural life while discovering fascinating places and participating in fun activities with the other international students.

During the 60 years that STS has organised language trips, England has become the favorite destination for young people who want to study English, practice sports and meet people for a few weeks in the summer. In addition to the classic language trips, we offer football and riding camps as well as tennis camps and intensive courses, so you are guaranteed to find a trip that suits your wishes. Studying English in the country where it is spoken has clear advantages. You will hear the language spoken around you, not just in the classroom, and you will quickly notice major improvements in your language skills and self-confidence.

Traveling to England

With one of the world's largest airports and fantastic train connections to the rest of Europe, you can easily choose which way you prefer to travel. Why not make the journey itself an adventure and take the train via Paris and the legendary canal tunnel underwater between Dover and Calais.

Once on site, we make sure that you are picked up, and safely and securely transported to your accommodation and course center.

About Great Britain

Few places on earth have such a mix of old and new as Britain. With a fascinating historical heritage dating back thousands of years, the country still always manages to be at the forefront when it comes to everything from technology and innovation to art, fashion and education. The country balances a multicultural population with a clear English identity, and has a great variety in both landscape and people. A world-class destination and a country with fantastic educational opportunities!

United Kingdom

Population: 65 million
Constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Area: 243,610 km2
Capital: London
State: Parliamentary democracy with the ruling monarch as head of state
Language: English
Currency: British Pound
Country code: +44

Weather and Climate

Despite the rumor of Britain's gray weather, it is a temperate climate with mild winters and fine summers. In the area around London and in the south of England, where most of our language trips go, the summer weather is often sunny and warm with only a few rainy days. A short summer rain during the trip is not unusual and often adds something to your experience.


In the UK, we offer a wide range of language trips, sports trips and youth trips in some of the country's best summer cities, so take the opportunity to choose a trip based on your interests and what you want to focus on. On all our trips to the UK, you are offered plenty of opportunities. Here is our intensive course for those who want to deepen their understanding of the English language, lots of courses for those who want to train specific skills, such as tennis, football or horseback riding. Of course we also have classic language trips where you get a mix of language training and fun activities and excursions.