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Language trip to England

The mix of new and old in the UK never ceases to amaze. Beautiful landscapes are the backdrop for exciting cities and a unique culture, not to mention the delightful people. It’s no wonder why thousands of students choose to study here every year. Now’s your chance to be one of them next summer!

In the UK, we offer language trips to one of the country’s best summer cities: Brighton. You’ll get the premier language trip experience, with the perfect balance of language practice and fun activities and excursions together with other students from every corner of the globe.

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English in Brighton
United Kingdom
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Learn English in England

It’s no secret – England is the perfect place to study English over the summer. Language trips to England are a longstanding and proud tradition, and people from around the world travel here to learn English and discover everything the beautiful country has to offer. The amazing southern coastline, where Brighton is located, has attracted language students for over 50 years and continues to be our students’ favourite year after year. Our programmes offer the chance to immerse yourself in the language and the country’s unique culture, while discovering awe-inspiring places and taking part in fun activities with the other international students.

In the 60 years that STS has been organising language trips, England has become a favourite summertime destination for teens wanting to study English, play sports and meet new people. Nothing is better than studying English in the country where it’s spoken. Not only will you hear the language spoken around you, as opposed to just in the classroom, but you’ll also notice how quickly you’ll develop both your language skills and your self-confidence.

Traveling to England

With one of the largest airports in the world as well as train connections to the rest of Europe, you’ll easily be able to find the best travel option for you. Why not turn the actual journey into an adventure and take the train via Paris and through the famous underwater channel tunnel connecting Dover and Calais?

Once you arrive at the airport or train station, we’ll arrange for your safe and comfortable transportation to your accommodation and course centre.

United Kingdom

Population: 65 million
Constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Area: 243,610 km2
Capital: London
State: Parliamentary democracy with the ruling monarch as head of state
Language: English
Currency: British Pound
Country code: +44

About Great Britain

There aren’t many places on Earth that manage the perfect mix of new and old like the UK. With its storied history that goes back thousands of years, the country is still at the forefront of so many fields, from technology and innovation to art, fashion and education. The country strikes the perfect balance of multiculturalism and a clear English identity, with rich diversity in both its landscapes and people. A world-class destination, and a country that offers incredible educational opportunities!

Weather and Climate

Despite the UK’s reputation for grey weather, it still has a temperate climate with mild winters and beautiful summers. In the area surrounding London and in southern England, which are two of our most popular language trip destinations, summers are often sunny and hot, with only a few rainy days. A short summer rain on your trip is not uncommon, adding a little something extra to your experience.