Bli kjent med våre elever

Har du, eller kanskje noen du kjenner, hjerterom og ønsker å ta imot en utvekslingselev hjemme? Vi ser etter engasjerte familier til våre utvekslingselever som kommer til Norge fra hele verden. Bli kjent med våre elever ved å lese presentasjonene nedenfor:



Navn: Dominic
Fødselsår: 2003
Hjemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tysk og engelsk
Periode: August 2021 – Juni 2022​

Dominic enjoys spending time with his family, especially activities such as swimming,ice skating,minigolfing or simply spending the day at home together while watching a movie. Dominic has many different interests, such as taking care of his three African white-bellied hedgehogs and dancing. He regulary attends the standard and hip-hop courses in a near by Dance school. Dominic has participated in championsships in the category hip-hop many times and was successful in each championship that he has participated in.​

Hvorfor Dominic vil til Norge:
"My name is Dominic and I am a 17 year old boy, I would like to do a year abroad with you in Norway. You are probably wondering why in Norway and there is a simple answer to that. I love the winter and the snow. I also love them Norwegian culture, and through this experience I hope to get a better understanding of how life is in Norway, I want to get to know your country better. During this exchange period I hope to lear to spek the Norwegian language fluently. I am a very open-minded and sociable person, and I think that this experience will give me the opportunity to meet new people with a different cultural background than mine. An exchange is a great opportunity for making new experiences." ​

En liten hilsen fra Dominic:
"Dear future host family, I am very excited to get to know you and very grateful that you want to take me into your family as a family member."​



Navn: Eliza
Fødselsår: 2005
Hjemland: Nederland​
Språk: Nederlandsk, engelsk og russisk
Periode: August 2021 – Juni 2022​

Eliza is nearly 16 years old, a joyful and open-minded girl who likes to spend time with her near friends and family. She is interested in music and horseback riding.​

Hvorfor Eliza vil til Norge:
"I have been in Norway for a vacation for 2x, in different villages about an hour from Bergen and Oslo and that’s when I got interested in Norway and going on an exchange. I like the idea of getting to know a whole new culture then in my home country, and I got really interested in Norway and it’s culture, that’s why I want to go on an exchange.”

En liten hilsen fra Eliza:
"Traveling and getting to know new things in different countries is something I love. I go to school at Dalton Den Haag, this is a high school in the Hague. Some of the things I like to do when I don’t have school is meet up with friends, bake things and do some creative stuff. Then I make small paintings and some bracelets."​



Navn: Emese
Fødselsår: 2004
Hjemland: Ungarn
Språk: Ungarsk, tysk og engelsk
Periode: August 2021 – Desember 2021

Emese is 16 years old. In her free time, she likes reading, listening to music, watching TV and spending time with her family. She has been playing handball since 2010 and she likes sport very much. After graduation, her goal is to study medicine at the University of Debrecen to become a surgeon. She difines herself as a very helpful, kind, funny, honest and open-minded person, with a good sense of humour. ​

Why does Emese want to do an exchange?:
"I really like to travel, and I've been to a lot of places in the world, but now because of the pandemic it is quite hard, and I haven't travelled much since then. I am really happy that we found this program, because I think that going on an exchange is a great opportunity to meet with new people, get to know another culture and make new friends. I am very curious about the Norwegian/Scandinavian culture, about how the education works, people's lifestyle and the Norwegian cuisine. I love hiking and would really like to see the nature, especially the fjords."​

Greetings from Emese:
"Dear future host family, my name is Emese, at home my friends call me Mesi. Thank you for hosting me during this semester and that you invite me to be part of your family. Looking forward to meeting you and to get to know each other. "



Navn: Silja
Fødselsår: 2004
Hjemland: Sveits
Språk: sveitsisk tysk og engelsk
Periode: August 2021 – June 2022

Silja is very passionate about music and arts. She play the record and sing in a choir. Silja also like to be outside in the nature, hiking, cross country skiing, biking and swimming. Silja is also interested in technology and she is in a robotic competion with her school in Switzerland. She also do Aerial-silk and unicycling. ​

Why does Silja want to go on an exchange?
"I was mutiple times in Scandinavia, and always really admired the languages. I was only once in Norway and really loved the country with its nature and culture. I hope to learn the language and to learn more about your country and just to experience something different and new".​

Greetings from Silja:
"If I am not outdoors doing sports I am also very creative. I like to draw a lot, mostly with watercolours and pencils. While drawing or writing I like to listen to music and in my freetime I also play music myself. Sometimes I also am playing video games. I am also very interested in technology and science. Currently I am taking part at the FIRST Robotic Competition (for the first time). We are building a robot for a competition where we have to compete against other Teams and their robot. If I am not building robots, doing sports, drawing or playing music I also like to meet my friends and just have fun. My friends and I are doing a lot together like going skiing, ice skating, or going to the cinema.I also spend a lot of time with my family. Even tough my brother doesn`t live at home anymore, me, my sister, and my brother are very close and do a lot of things together."



Navn: Lilliana
Fødselsår: 2005
Hjemland: USA
Språk: Engelsk
Periode: August 2021 – Desember 2021

Lilliana has been playing the cello inside and outside of school since she was 11 years old, and she loves learning different instruments. She also likes listening to a wide variety of music, everything from classical to classic rock to indie. Since Lilliana was around 9 years old, she has been teaching herself how to draw and she usually draw digitally. She does a lot of different crafts and hobbies, such as knitting, embroidery, sewing and baking. Some of the other things that she likes to do are sketching, playing video or bord games and watch older movies.​

Why does Lilliana want to go on an exchange?
“The main reason I chose to study abroad with a host family rather than at a boarding school is to be more involved in the daily routine and family aspects of an exchange program. I think having a family in Norway with me will help a lot more than just having the staff at a boarding school.”​

Greetings from Lilliana:
“I am very excited to see how different Norway is from the United States, especially in normal day-to-day life. I can cook, clean, and anything else to help, I really love to bake too! Tusen takk for at du leser and I look forward to meeting you!" ​


Navn: Erin
Fødselsår: 2005
Hjemland: USA
Språk: Engelsk
Periode: August 2021 – Juni 2022

Erin enjoyes activities outside such as hiking, biking, backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing, and exploring. She have lived her whole life with a deep connection to nature. She likes anime and watching YouTube to relax after long days. She also loves swimming and enjoy hot springs. Erin likes to explore towns and areas and on her free time, she usually hang out with friends and go on hikes. She also loves to cook and to be around animals.

Why does Erin want to go on an exchange?
"I chose to study abroad because I want to have new experiences and learn more about other countries and cultures. I chose Norway because Scandinavia has always been very interesting to me as a whole and Norway seems to be the most rugged and wild of the Scandinavian countries. I am looking forward to living with a local family and getting the experience of living in Norway and not just visiting for a little bit. I hope to bond with people and make new friends while I'm there."

Greetings from Erin:

"I am a shy person at first but I warm up to people quickly and then I can be very outgoing. I am a very respectful person and I make an effort to understand people's boundaries and I honor them. I am a pretty easy going person and very accepting of people. I'm a very resilient person ​who stays calm in stressful situations." ​

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