Bli kjent med våre elever

Har du, eller kanskje noen du kjenner, hjerterom og ønsker å ta imot en utvekslingselev hjemme? Vi ser etter engasjerte familier til våre utvekslingselever som kommer til Norge fra hele verden. Bli kjent med våre elever ved å lese presentasjonene nedenfor:



Navn: Svenja
Fødselsår: 2006
Hjemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tysk og engelsk
Periode: August 2022 – Juni 2023​

Svenja lives with her parents in Berlin. When she doesn´t spend time with her friends or family, she loves to draw and dance. Her passion in life is dancing. She has been practicing ballet since she was six years old. Svenja also loves to go skiing.

Hvorfor Svenja vil til Norge:
"First, I always loved to travel. I am nearly every holidays on vacations with my parents. And often we are in Norway and Sweden. I love the landscape of Scandanavia. There is no better view then the view over the fjell. Another reason is the culture and traditions. Oh and I really hope to learn Norwegian. But beside of all that reasons is the most important one the have an adventure. I love to try something new and collect memories. I mean you only live once and I don’t want to regret someday the fact I didn’t have done something adventurous. So you could say I would love to see as much as possible in my life. I always liked the idea of an year abroad. And for a long time I wanted to do it after school, but then I heard of an exchange year during school and was delighted. Because so you have a directly access to people and peers. You go to school there and the possibility to find new friends is definitely higher for me."

En liten hilsen fra Svenja:
"I would like to share my life and my tradition with them as well as they share their life and tradition with me."


Navn: Emma
Fødselsår: 2005
Hjemland: Tyskland
Språk: Tysk og engelsk
Periode: August 2022 – Juni 2023​

Emma comes from a small village in the northwest of Germany. She lives with her parents, two brothers and two cats. Music is a big part of Emmas life. She sings, play the piano, write her own songs and is now learning how to play the guitar. She also likes sports, and she likes to go running , strength training and play table tennis. Emma usually go hiking with her family on vacation. Some day in the future, Emma would like to run a half-marathon or marathon.

Hvorfor Emma vil til Norge:
"The last few years we’ve always been to Scandinavia and especially Norway during the last years. I really loved it there. That’s why I want to get to know Norway from another side. I would like to learn about the culture, the school life, the traditions and how the people are etc. I also would like to learn/improve my Norwegian, to get more self-employed and experience completely new things. I would like to share sport activities and my interest in music, to get to know your culture, but I’d also like to show you the German culture, for example by cooking typical German food together."

En liten hilsen fra Emma:
"My friends would describe me as a funny, crazy and open-minded girl, who always tries to give positive vibes. I’m very honest and direct but also very loving, loyal and familial. I am very determined and ambitious in achieving the goals and dreams that I have. I hope you got a first impression of me and my life here in Germany. I’m so thankful that you consider hosting me for a year and I’m very very excited and I can’t wait to get to know you!."



Navn: Harper
Fødselsår: 2004
Hjemland: Storbritannia
Språk: Engelsk
Periode: August 2022 – Juni 2023​

In UK, Harper live with her mom, dad and her identical twin sister and their two cats. She has already started to learn Norwegian through Duolingo since 3 years back. Harper like to cook, bake, read or just spend time with her family and friends. Harper love to be in the kitchen, cooking with her dad. Harper also like to go hiking and exploring.

Hvorfor Harper vil til Norge:
"I have been interested in Norway for 3 years and have been teaching myself Norwegian for around the same amount of time, and I have wanted to go on an exchange to Norway since I was 14 years old, however I wanted to make sure that I completed my British education first. I want to study and live in Norway because I want to experience the Norwegian culture, school system and meet amazing people. I would also love to experience as much of Norway as possible, from the food, the places, the kind people and the language. My goals for my exchange year is to hopefully become more fluent in Norwegian (possibly even fully fluent by the end of it!), grow in independence, mature as a person and have the most fun imaginable with my new family and friends. I can't wait to learn new things and experience as much as possible!"

En liten hilsen fra Harper:
"I wish to share my culture and experiences with my host family and future classmates. From the region I live in, to the country as a whole, and the things and the things that I have experienced. For example, the countries I have visited, the people I have met, foods I have eaten and much more. I would also like to share my hopes for the future."



Navn: Zoé
Fødselsår: 2006
Hjemland: Sveits
Språk: Sveitsisk, tysk, Engelsk
Periode: August 2022 – Juni 2023


Zoés hobbies are dancing, she has been dancing for about 2 years and she really love doing it. She loves animals especially dogs. Music is also a hobby of hers and is a big part of her life. ​
"I've had singing lessons for a couple of months and I would be cool if I have that in Norway too if it's possible and I get the guitar, the ukulele, the kalimba and I start playing piano and I also write my own songs. I learned all the instruments I can play all on my own because I have trouble reading music. It's really fun to make music because it's an easy way for me to express who I am."​

Why does Zoé want to do an exchange?:

"I come to Norway through music, I started listening to Norwegian music and I get kind of obsessed with the language. I want to go to Norway because I've heard so many things about Norway that the school system should be pretty good and I want to see that in Switzerland you hear a lot of things about Norway, especially how beautiful it looks and how nice the people are and I really want to see this and I also want to learn about the culture, traditions and society in general."​

Greetings from Zoé:

"I'm curious. I'm also starting to learn Norwegian from bit on via an app, so jeg can skakker suffer norsk, but the best way, I think I still go there and to learn the language from the local people. Ha det. ‎Sincerely, Zoé"​

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