Bli kjent med våre elever

Har du, eller kanskje noen du kjenner, hjerterom og ønsker å ta imot en utvekslingselev hjemme? Vi ser etter engasjerte familier til våre utvekslingselever som kommer til Norge fra hele verden. Bli kjent med våre elever ved å lese presentasjonene nedenfor:

Tyskland: Abin

  • Alder: 16
  • Tre ord om utvekslingsstudenten: Vibrant, funny & honest
  • Ankommer: august 2020

En liten hilsen fra Abin:

At first, I am going to describe myself in a few words and because I did not know how to describe myself in the best way, I asked my friends to help me with that. The first thing many mentioned was that I am an open-minded and extroverted person which means that I can easily bond with new people. Another thing they said was that I am a pretty independent person which helps me to easily fit in new social surroundings and get my stuff down on my own. My open nature is something that makes me stand out of a group, so I do not blend in easily, this is why many people think that my personality is pretty unique. I would say that I am a very trustworthy person as well.

I am ready to learn more about my host country and about its culture, I am very motivated to learn a new language which would be the fifth one for me as well. I can speak German, Farsi, and English fluently and am learning French in school.

Tyskland: Tordis

  • Alder: 16
  • Tre ord om utvekslingsstudenten: Honest, funny, emphatic.
  • Ankommer: august 2020

En liten hilsen fra Tordis:

I have four sisters and three brothers. Three of them are my biological siblings and the other three are foster siblings of mine. I am the class president of my class in the secondary school I go to and every Tuesday to choir which is very fun and amazing. At our church I sometimes sing some worship songs. So, every Sunday I go to a small church. But that church is in a small town near the North Sea and we live in a very, very small village which is theoretically also near the North Sea. At home we have a lot of pets. Two cats, two turtles, fishes, chickens, roosters and two ducks. One of my other hobby is writing short stories.

I want to be an exchange student because it is a huge opportunity. I want to learn the language, learn about a new culture and go to school there. Also, I never went to another county than Germany. So, I´m going to do a big change and do it for ten months. I want to learn so much stuff during my exchange year and I would appreciate if you could give me the chance to do this. Also, I am very open to a lot of things and I´m tolerant too. I´m very excited about this.

France: Elysa

  • Alder: 17 år
  • Tre ord om utvekslingsstudenten: Curious to learn new things about my surroundings, dynamic and enjoying voluntary.
  • Ankommer: august 2020

En liten hilsen fra Elysa:

I am a bit chatty ( except in class) and I love to laugh with my friends I am a bit the «clown» of my group of friends because I make jokes all the time;)I love animals, besides I didn’t tell you about it but I have a dog that is a dear york, It’s like my little sister since I was born I live with her, I love her very much. I’m always up for challenges and I love new things! About my passions, I love football, music, shopping, travelling, exchanging with people, politics, eating in a restaurant, reading books and other activities that can enrich me.

I want to go to school in Norway to learn a new language. I also have a deep interest in the culture, history and language of the country, which I would be delighted to continue to explore and live there. I plan to develop both personally and professionally from an international experience. Although I have never gone abroad to study, I have done a lot of research to make sure that this country corresponds to me. I am also looking forward to the challenge of living and studying independently abroad, which I am sure I am ready to take up because, as I said, I love challenges and I am determined! Conscious of theconsiderable advantage that an international experience can offer on a resume, I have a great willingness to carry out this project and I intend to fully invest myself in it. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Tyskland: Jenni

  • Alder: 16
  • Tre ord om utvekslingsstudenten: Open-minded, curios to try new adventures, helpful
  • Ankommer: august 2020

En liten hilsen fra Jenni:

I am Jenni, 16 years old and live in a small town in Germany. I go to a school seven kilometres away. Often I go there by bike because I love the feeling to „fly“ over the fields in the morning and hear the sound of some birds. Do you know that feeling?

In school I am a good student and I love to learn a lot of new things. That is also the case after school and that is why I want to live one year in Norway. Norway is a beautiful country, I think. And it has also a lot of similarities but also differences to Germany. Do you want to introduce me to the culture of Norway and learn a few things about the German culture? I am looking forward to that! Maybe I can show you some german specialties. And I would like to see a lot of typical norwegian things, too. Music is an important part of my life. I am playing trumpet since I am six years old and I am singing in different choirs, too. A couple of months ago I got a saxophone which was my dream for a lot of years and now I love to play that. Beside that I am learning a bit piano and Ukulele and have some music theorie lessons.

Takk for interesen og jeg ser frem til deg!

Tyskland: Timm

  • Alder: 17
  • Tre ord om utvekslingsstudenten: Åpen, vennlig och sosial
  • Ankommer: august 2020

Timm kommer fra Hamburg i Tyskland, og til høsten kommer han til Norge på utveksling! Han liker å stå på skøyter, ski, tennis og vannski. Timm er også glad i teater, tegning og høre på musikk. Setter man pris på piano, er det verdt å vite at Timm har spilt siden han var fem år, og piano er noe av det han brenner mest for. Han er også glad i å bake, lage mat, jobbe i hagen og utendørsaktiviteter.

En liten hilsen fra Timm:

My name is Timm and I am a 17 years old boy from Hamburg in Germany. First, I would like to thank you that you are interested in me as an exchange student for the upcoming year. I live together with my mom, my stepfather and my older brother. Therefore, in August next year when I’ll go to Norway, I will have finished school. My graduation subjects are mainly science like physics or computer science. Thinking about my future carrier, I would like to study something like graphic design which implements parts of computer science and art and creativity as well. Sometimes when I´m bored I like to draw but very rarely big pieces.

In my free time I like to play tennis at my tennis club. Once a year, usually in March, the whole family drives to Austria for skiing holidays. I don’t want to lie that I don’t like video games because I do play them sometimes but not on a daily basis. Since the internet is part of my life, I sometimes come across cooking videos by Gordon Ramsey or other chefs which inspire me to try new recipes. My brother also likes to cook so we sometimes cook together, and we have a lot of fun. I am very excited to meet you and can´t wait till it´s August when my journey to Norway starts. I really look forward to getting to know the people and the country. I hope to hear from you soon!

Mange hilsener Timm

Tyskland: Vincent

  • Alder: 17
  • Tre ord om utvekslingsstudenten: Friendly and relaxed person who his social and enjoy playing piano and guitar.
  • Ankommer: august 2020

En liten hilsen fra Vincent:

I’m 16 years old an live with my family in small town near Hamburg. My mother works in a Kindergarten. My father is a businessman. He is often on business trips. I also have sister, which now lives in Hamburg. She is 18 years old, and is in training to be a kindergarten teacher.

The time outside of school is mostly spend on music, sports and friends. My family is overall talented in music. Except of my dad. Mom plays the trombone, my sister the trumpet and piano. I’m playing guitar and a bit of piano. I also like hearing concerts with my friends. In the summer I do a lot of sport. I’m playing baseball in my hometown. Since three years I’m part of the adult team. For the youth teams I’m also on the field, but as the umpire. I always try to make this world a better place. I’m part of the FridaysforFuture movement and had already many meetings with our town government.

Italy: Riccardo

  • Alder: 18
  • Tre ord om utvekslingsstudenten: Positive, kind and always face a new situation/challenge
  • Ankommer: august 2020 - stay for 1 semester only

I live in a flat on the third storey with my mum, my dad, my 23-year-old brother and last but not least my dog Sally. Everyone has its own activities, mum and dad work together in a shop and my brother works in a marketing agency in fact we meet only in the evening, for dinner. We have a solid relation, in our free time we like going to the cinema, visiting some cities, doing sports together and often we visit our grandparents. I want to study abroad and become an exchange student to try a new experience, to grow and become more independent and because I love travelling, being in the nature and discover about a new culture. This is why I chose Norway for this adventure and also because of my love for north mythology and for pristine wilderness. Norway always has always fascinated me with its culture, for her breathtaking landscapes and I think I will surely love this experience that I am going to undertake soon.

My biggest passions are music, of any kind, from a good old classical song to hard metal or Frenchcore, fashion. I discovered this interest in fashion two years ago when I was looking at a catwalk by Alexander McQueen. One of my dream is to open my personal showroom on day and do my first catwalk in an important event but I know it will take time to achieve that. Other passions of mine are photography and videomaking. I first got into this when I started to attend an artistic high school because they introduced me to these new subjects. I am also an athletic guy. I can swim, ski, climb, ice skate.

I thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I hope to get in touch with you soon and to be able to share with you this unique experience.

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