Bli kjent med våre elever

Har du hjertet på rett sted og kunne tenke deg å ha en utvekslingselev boende hos deg? Eller kanskje du vet om noen andre som kunne tenke seg det? Vil du bli kjent med en ny kultur og få en venn for livet? Vi er på jakt etter engasjerte familier til våre utvekslingselever som kommer til Norge fra hele verden. Da kan du melde interesse for å bli vertsfamilie her. Å melde interesse er selvfølgelig ikke-bindende.

Om høsten kommer det nye elever til Norge fra land som USA, Brasil, Japan, Tyskland, Sverige, Italia og flere. Som vertsfamilie kan du selvsagt velge hvilken elev du ønsker å ha boende hos deg, så benytt muligheten til å lese mer og bli kjent med de ulike elevene for å se om en av dem kunne passet for din familie!

Og meld deg gjerne på et av våre informasjonsmøter, hvor vi forteller mer om hvordan det er å være vertsfamilie. Du kan også lese våre vanlige spørsmål og om våre tidligere vertsfamiliers erfaringer med å ha en utvekslingselev boende hos seg.



Name: Zébulon​
Year of birth: 2007
Home country: Canada
Exchange country: Norway​
Languages: English and French​
Period of stay: August 2023 -December 2023

Who is Zébulon?

Zébulon is a fifteen-year-old boy who lives in Ottawa, Canada with his parents. He´s an only child and has a 4 years old cat named Tasha. ​

He likes to play games with friends, listen to rock, jazz, and a bit of electro, but he´s open to any music. He practice a few sports and enjoys swimming, skiing and hiking. He like to play board games from time to time. ​

He does video editing for the Dairy Processors Association of Canada. He likes all kind of foods but especially sweet foods "you could say I have a sweet tooth."

Why does Zébulon want to do an exchange?​

I want to travel to Norway to explore a new culture and learn to be more independent. I believe Norway to be a beautiful country, and I hope my experience there will stay with me for the rest of my life. Learning a new language is also great! I currently speak French and English, but I want to learn more languages.

Greetings from Zébulon:

I’m very excited about this trip! It’s something I have been planning for a while now, and I hope it will be very insightful. See you soon!



Name: Sofie
Year of birth: 2006
Home country: Netherlands
Exchange country: Norway​
Languages: English and Dutch​
Period of stay: August 2023 -December 2023

Who is Sofie?

Sofie is a 16-year-old girl who lives in the West of the Netherlands, with her family. One of her favorite things to do is reading fantasy worlds like The hobbit, Harry Potter, Game of thrones, Star Wars and Vikings. Playing videogames. She has a sporty side and like things like climbing, playing soccer and some tennis, going to the gym, love being outside and can spend hours in nature.

Why does Sofie want to do an exchange?​

"The Norwegian nature draws me in and I am very excited to go! And one of my brothers went to Norway last year for a week and when he came back and told the stories about the country, I grew even more exited to go! I read all the information and it seems just perfect!! Going to Norway and live with a host family, learning the language, meeting new people doing new things is like a dream come true."

Greetings from Sofie:

" I'm really excited to go to Norway!! I want to get to know the Norwegian culture and the country itself. The nature seems overwhelmingly beautiful to me. I would like to have adventures and I'm especially looking forward to meeting new people and experience what it's like to live in Norway and the Norwegian family life. There's not a day that goes by without thinking about this big adventure!"



Name: Fabio​
Year of birth: 2006​
Home country: Italy​
Exchange country: Norway​
Languages: Italian, English and French​
Period of stay: August 2023 -June 2024

Who is Fabio? ​

Fabio is 16 -year-old boy who lives in northern Italy. He has an older brother and younger sister and a Doberman, called Coco, of just 1 year old.​

Football is his passion; he loves both playing it, but also watching his favorite team, Juventus. According to Fabio he is not really good in sports but still enjoys practicing outdoors sports like hiking or skiing, besides football. He loves all sorts of animals, but dogs are his favorite animals, and he loves establishing special bands with dogs.​

Being a calm boy, he might seem a bit shy at first, but he is actually an extrovert who adapts easily to new realities and situations.​

Why does Fabio want to do an exchange?​

He is looking forward to explore the Norwegian nature, and since he is fascinated by the Vikings and Norse history, he would love to learn more about it.​

Greetings from Fabio:​

“During my time in Norway, I would like to experience things with my host family, such as watch a soccer match of Norway's national team, practice ice hockey, go fishing and see the fjords.”​

See Fabios videopresenation here



Name: Ruth ​
Year of birth: 2007​
Home country: Germany​
Exchange country: Norway​
Languages: German, English, French, Russian​
Period of stay: August 2023 -June 2024

Who is Ruth? ​

Ruth is a social person, who always tries to light up the mood and make people laugh. Competitive Ruth loves board games and sports, especially volleyball and has even joined a volleyball club. Her family spends most of their free time outdoors; hiking, climbing and canoeing in the summer and skiing in the winter. Other than that, she enjoys drawing and listening to music. ​

Why does Ruth want to do an exchange?​

Ruth has always wanted to experience something where she can get in contact with new people. She is looking for this opportunity to meet new friends, play new sports and experience a whole new culture. Last but not least, she wants to improve her Norwegian skills. She has been inspired by her older brother who is currently working in Norway.​

Greetings from Ruth:​

“I’m eager to figure out what I want to do later in life, and hopefully this exchange year will help to clarify that! I’m looking forward to meet you in person!


Name: Leonardo ​
Year of birth: 2007​
Home country: Germany​
Exchange country: Norway​
Languages: German, Italian, English​
Period of stay: August 2023-June 2024

Who is Leonardo? ​

Leonardo is half German and half Italian boy from Berlin. In his free time, he plays drums in a band, and he also plays badminton with his friends, regularly. He is interested in handicrafts and is a real handyman who likes to build and fix things. Leonardo is an organized person who likes to solve problems but is also an open-mined and extrovert boy who likes to have fun end enjoy life.​

Why does Leonardo want to do an exchange?​

Leonardo finds Norway interesting due to country's beautiful nature and exciting culture, that he wants to explore more. He finds it fascinating that Norway has the highest HDI (human development index) in the world, and that the Norwegian school system is way ahead in using digital technologies.​

Greetings from Leonardo:​

"I am really looking forward to make that experience in my life. Far from home in a new state, where I don’t know anybody. It will be a great adventure!”

Ønsker du informasjon om andre elever send oss gjerne en mail på eller ta kontakt på telefon 23 35 88 50.



Name: Maja ​
Year of birth: 2007​
Home country: Switzerland​
Exchange country: Norway​
Languages: Swiss German, English, French and Latin​
Period of stay: August 2023 -June 2024

Who is Maja? ​

Maja is 15-year-old girl from Switzerland, who lives in a village near Biel with her family, and two, according to Maja, “a bit crazy” cats. She is an open person who likes meeting new people. In her free time, she plays soccer and goes diving. Maja has even competed within diving. She enjoys baking and cooking and hanging out with her friends. She is also a perfectionist who always wants to finish the things she started and spends a lot of time studying.​

Why does Maja want to do an exchange?​

Languages interests Maja and she has already started to learn some Norwegian. She wants also to learn about Norwegian culture and experience how it is to live in a new country with a different culture. She would love to go skiing or snowboarding and do walks in the Norwegian nature.​

Greetings from Maja:​

"I would like to thank you in advance that you can imagine opening your doors for me and to integrate me in your family. I will do my best to adapt to your family life and to the Norwegian culture. I am looking forward to a great and adventurous year for you and me."

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