Bli kjent med våre elever

Har du, eller kanskje noen du kjenner, hjerterom og ønsker å ta imot en utvekslingselev hjemme? Vi ser etter engasjerte familier til våre utvekslingselever som kommer til Norge fra hele verden. Bli kjent med våre elever ved å lese presentasjonene nedenfor:



Navn: Dominic
Fødselsår: 2003
Hjemland: Tyskland​
Språk: Tysk og engelsk
Periode: August 2021 – Juni 2022​

Dominic enjoys spending time with his family, especially activities such as swimming,ice skating,minigolfing or simply spending the day at home together while watching a movie. Dominic has many different interests, such as taking care of his three African white-bellied hedgehogs and dancing. He regulary attends the standard and hip-hop courses in a near by Dance school. Dominic has participated in championsships in the category hip-hop many times and was successful in each championship that he has participated in.​

Hvorfor Dominic vil til Norge:
"My name is Dominic and I am a 17 year old boy, I would like to do a year abroad with you in Norway. You are probably wondering why in Norway and there is a simple answer to that. I love the winter and the snow. I also love them Norwegian culture, and through this experience I hope to get a better understanding of how life is in Norway, I want to get to know your country better. During this exchange period I hope to lear to spek the Norwegian language fluently. I am a very open-minded and sociable person, and I think that this experience will give me the opportunity to meet new people with a different cultural background than mine. An exchange is a great opportunity for making new experiences." ​

En liten hilsen fra Dominic:
"Dear future host family, I am very excited to get to know you and very grateful that you want to take me into your family as a family member."​



Navn: Robyn
Fødselsår: 2004
Hjemland: Nederland​
Språk: Nederlandsk og engelsk
Periode: January 2022 – Juni 2022​

Robyn is a happy and positive 16 year old girl from
the Netherlands She likes going to the movies or watch movies
at home Robyn also likes being in the nature and doing outdoor
activities Visiting historical places and museums are things she
likes to do as well es pecially in other countries Robyn loves to
travel and to learn about new countries When she gets older
she would like to travel around the world.

Hvorfor Robyn vil til Norge:
"I want to go to Norway because I really like Scandinavia, it is so pretty I like
nature and i like peace around me I want to experience how
Norwegian people live and i want to get to know the Norwegian
culture I would also like to see if Dutch and Norwegian people
are very different or the same And i want to get to know myself
better and see how I handle being alone in a different country".

En liten hilsen fra Robyn:
"I am very honest and i try to be positive
every day I’m a happy person and i smile a lot I really LOVE
animals! Specially dogs and cats Animals are very cute and i
hope to have my own dog one day, a golden retriever".

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