Bli kjent med våre elever

Har du hjertet på rett sted og kunne tenke deg å ha en utvekslingselev boende hos deg? Eller kanskje du vet om noen andre som kunne tenke seg det? Vil du bli kjent med en ny kultur og få en venn for livet? Vi er på jakt etter engasjerte familier til våre utvekslingselever som kommer til Norge fra hele verden. Da kan du melde interesse for å bli vertsfamilie her. Å melde interesse er selvfølgelig ikke-bindende.

Om høsten kommer det nye elever til Norge fra land som USA, Brasil, Japan, Tyskland, Sverige, Italia og flere. Som vertsfamilie kan du selvsagt velge hvilken elev du ønsker å ha boende hos deg, så benytt muligheten til å lese mer og bli kjent med de ulike elevene for å se om en av dem kunne passet for din familie!

Og meld deg gjerne på et av våre informasjonsmøter, hvor vi forteller mer om hvordan det er å være vertsfamilie. Du kan også lese våre vanlige spørsmål og om våre tidligere vertsfamiliers erfaringer med å ha en utvekslingselev boende hos seg.



Name: Elena​

Year of birth: 2007​

Home country: Germany​

Exchange country: Norway​

Languages: German, English, Latin

Period of stay: August 2024 - June 2025

Who is Elena?​
Elina is a responsible girl who will be 16 years old when arriving in Norway. She lives in Frankfurt with her mother, father and younger brother. They are an adventurous family who often go hiking and visit new cities. Elena has been to Norway three times before, and are very fascinated by the Norwegian culture. ​
Elena is interesting in learning new things, such as different sports and cultural things. Since she was five years old she has been playing the piano, and still does. A hobby she recently discover is photography. She prefer taking pictures of animals in their natural habitant, since she loves all types of them. She would love to have an animal in her new host family.​

Why does Elena want to do an exchange?​
Elena would like to live and go to school in Norway because it is not that far away from Germany. She is also interested in their school system and think this will benefit her future. She really enjoys their nature, the forests and all the animals who lives there.

Greetings from Elena:​
"I´m looking forward to meeting you and I hope that we will have a great time together​ Greetings, Elena"​

See Elenas video here


Name: Melina

Year of birth: 2008

Home country: Germany​

Exchange country: Norway​

Languages: German, English, Latin

Period of stay: August 2024 - June 2025

Who is Melina? ​
Melina lives outside of Hamburg together with her parents and her cat Luna. In her freetime so enjoys playing tennis, doing ballroom dancing and watching winter sports. She love ski jumping and biathlon. She enjoys to read books. Her favorite genres are forbidden romance and biography, but she also read thrillers. She enjoys skating together with friends. ​

Why does Melina want to do an exchange?​
"I want to go to Norway, because I'm interested in a different culture, school-system, language and much more. I'm excited to meet you as my host family and I'm looking forward to meet new people and finding new friends, learn the Norwegian language. ​
While my time in Norway, I want to learn new things about this country (like the culture) and maybe go to a ski jumping competition, like the Nordic ski world championships in Trondheim 2025."​

Greetings from Melina:​
" I'm excited to meet you as my host family and I'm looking forward to meet new people and finding new friends." ​

See Melinas videopresentation here



Name: Aiden

Year of birth: 2007

Home country: USA

Exchange country: Norway​

Languages: English, Spanish

Period of stay: August 2024 - June 2025

Who is Aiden? ​

Aiden is an adventurous young boy who is passionate about music, cooking and reading. He is also an enthusiastic reader and writer, always keen to learn about new topics and explore ​
new perspectives. ​

Aiden enjoys visiting new places, learning new things and making memories with friends. For him, the exchange programme is an opportunity not only to enrich his education but also to grow as an individual. He is looking forward to being part of a host family in your home and community.​

Why does Aiden want to do an exchange?​​

He sees the exchange programme as a chance to create new experiences, immerse himself in the culture and is eager to explore Norway. Aiden looks forward to learning new perspectives, making lifelong memories with new friends and thanks you for the opportunity to be part of your home and community. ​

Greetings from Aiden:​​

"...I apperciate the oppurtunity and the ability for you to host me, and I will always be. The exchange will simply better me and my education, and I cannot wait to explore all the interesting things in Norway. "

See Aidens videopresentation here


Name: Grant

Year of birth: 2007

Home country: USA

Exchange country: Norway​

Languages: English, German, Japanese​, Norwegian

Period of stay: August 2024 - June 2025

Who is Grant?​

Grant is a mature 16-years-old boy from Colorado in the U.S. He lives there with his mother, father and older brother Ben. The thing he values most in this world is his family, which he is very close to.​

Grant enjoys being outside and would love to find likeminded people who also appreciates the nature. He is really fascinated about Norway's nature and would love to discover it. He has already studied and learn a bit of Norwegian by himself. In his free time, he likes to exercise, read and play video games with his friends. ​

Why does Grant want to do an exchange?​

What really inspired Grant to travel to Norway is the country's natural beauty and its commitment to peace. He is looking forward to getting to know Norwegian culture, traditions and celebrations. In addition, he is really looking forward to staying with a host family and sharing his own culinary skills from America while exploring and learning about the Norwegian food culture.

Greetings from Grant:​

"...jeg håper å snakke med dere alle snart og forhåpentligvis tilbringe dette neste skoleåret med dere"​

See Grants videopresention here



Name: Cristian

Year of birth: 2007

Home country: Italy

Exchange country: Norway​

Languages: English, Italien, German

Period of stay: August 2024 - June 2025

Who is Cristian?​​

Cristian is a very energetic and sporty guy with a passion for cross-country skiing. Cristian grow up with his family of consisting of his mother and father and 2 siblings. In the family Cristian always try to help his parents, often help his little sister with her homework, I play with her and make her exercise.

In his free time, Cristian enjoys cooking, especially preparing local dishes for his family. Cristian has been a competitive cross-country skier since the age of 9. He sees sport as a lifestyle and chose Norway as his destination due to its perfect conditions for sport, hiking and outdoor activity. Eager to explore the country. ​

Why does Cristian want to do an exchange?​​

Cristian looks forward to the cold, snowy adventure and is excited about the opportunity to learn about Norwegian life, language, and traditions.​

Greetings from Cristian:​​

"I like the country and I’m also curious about the Norwegian language, I discovered it listening the Norwegian ski-samples when they come to my valley during the world race and listening to some songs. And now in anticipation of my departure I’m listening to some small lessons online. I can’t wait to be in Norway..."

Cristians videopresentation



Name: Guusje

Year of birth: 2007

Home country: Netherlands

Exchange country: Norway​

Languages: English, Dutch, German, Norwegian

Period of stay: August 2024 - June 2025

Who is Guusje? ​

Guusje is an enthusiastic learner excited about her upcoming exchange year in Norway. She is passionate about Norwegian culture and language. She is preparing for the experience by self-studying the language, engaging with online resources, and Norwegian shows.

Guusje is described as calm, curious and sweet. Guusje has a diverse set of hobbies, with a particular love for Metal music, drawing, skating, and badminton. She enjoys spending time exploring nature through hiking and engaging in family activities like movie nights.​

Why does Guusje want to do an exchange? ​

Guusje wants to go to Norway to step out of her comfort zone and experience life in a completely different country. She sees Norway as an ideal place to improve her Norwegian language skills, particularly in speaking and listening. She looks forward to creating memorable experiences.​

Greetings from Guusje: ​

"I look forward to spending my time in Norway and learning so many things. Regards, Guusje"

See Guusjes videopresentation here

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