Våre elever fra Italia

Vi har for øyeblikket 5 elever fra Italia som kommer til Norge skoleåret 2019/2020

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Laura – Hjelpsom, organisert og med stor humoristisk sans :)

Name: Laura

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Livigno, Italia

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Laura er en aktiv jente som liker å stå på ski, løpe og svømme, hun er også glad i å høre på musikk og jobber med å lære seg å spille gitar.

Laura liker å være organisert og ordentlig og hun kan virke litt beskjeden i starten, men så snart du blir bedre kjent med henne vil du fort oppleve at hun elsker å le og tulle.

En hilsen fra Laura:

My name is Laura, I’m 16 years old. I come from a small town in the northern of Italy, in the middle of the Alps.

I’m a smiling person, I’m a little shy but it takes me a little to get in touch with the person. I wish to attend this exchange school year because I think that it is an opportunity to open the mind and to have a personal grown up. I really want to keep in touch with a new culture, very different from mine. I’m a curious person, I like to know new people, food, music and art. In addiction living the daily life in a host family with different habits it’s very interesting in my opinion. I think that we can both offering something new to each other.

I wish to stay one year in Norway because I’m fascinated by the culture. I love the snow and the winter in general, in fact it is my favorite season. I know that there the day will be shorter than in Italy and I know that there it’s very cold, but I’m sure that I can take in confidence with all this new weather conditions. I know that in Norway it’s popular cross-country skiing too. I love this sport and when I was younger I practiced it.

In conclusion I think I’ll be a good exchange student because I really want to do this experience. I want to do it without expectations, because it’s important to accept all the new things, even if they are unexpected, with happiness. I’m not scared about it, indeed I can’t wait.

Thank you!


Simona – kreativ, moden og ivrig!

Navn: Simona

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Praia a Mare, Italia

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Simona er en kreativ jente og artistisk jente. Hun kommer fra Praia a Mare, sør i Italia, men har lyst å ta et år i Norge for å lære språket, og kanskje oppleve den utrolige norske naturen. Simona er interessert i volleyball og tennis, og spiller gitar. Hun er veldig glad i kultur og elsker å dra på museer samt oppleve nye kulturer.

En hilsen fra Simona:

I am Simona, I am a 16-year-old Italian student, I come from the south of Italy in a little village by the sea.

I’m a positive person, I always see the bright side of things and I always smile.
I’m also very determined, so I don’t give up just because I may find some obstacles on my way. I believe in my dreams, so I do everything, and I do my best to make them come true.

I have a strong character, but I’m also sensitive. I’m friendly, sociable and talkative and for this reason I don’t have problems in making new friends. I’m a cheerful girl, but I know when I have to be serious in important situations.

My major interests are reading and music. Reading for me is important because when we read something our mind and our imagination travel. The books I like reading are adventure or fantasy ones, but I also like the classics. Instead, with music, we can feel free. That’s why I play the guitar: when I play it, I feel free, in my world. The music I listen to the most is pop/rock music. I like bands as The Beatles or Pink Floyd. Moreover, I go to the gym three times a week in order to keep fit and I also like playing volleyball, but I don’t practice it as a sport, it’s just a hobby.

I chose Norway because I fell in love with the culture, it’s a really well-organized country and because the school system is one of the best. I chose Norway also because of the language. I know it’s hard, but I really like the sound and I like listening to people who talk Norwegian. I will study and acquire the basics and the most important expressions before leaving. In this way I’ll be able to deal with the first period as well as possible. Finally, I chose Norway because of its breath-taking landscapes, which make me dream.

Yours sincerely,


Pierpaolo – Optimistisk, rolig og hjelpsom :)

Navn: Pierpaolo

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Carano, Italia

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Pierpaolo er en veldig aktiv langrennsutøver som elsker å trene. Han har også en musikalsk side da han elsker musikk og spiller viola. Pierpaolo ser virkelig frem til sitt utvekslingsår i Norge og gleder seg til å bli kjent med sin nye vertsfamilie. Han vil også kunne servere ordentlig italiensk pasta til sin kommende familie. :)

En hilsen fra Pierpalo:

I’m Pierpaolo and I am 16 years old. I live in a little village of one thousand residents on the mountains in the north of Italy. The valley where I live is very famous for its cross-country ski competitions and it’s mainly for this reason that I practice this sport; we have an important tradition of cross-country ski.

I can define myself as an optimistic and generally calm boy; I always try to be happy and I’m very helpful. I love spending time with my friends and in my free time I love practicing cross-country ski. This is my favourite activity, it combines everything I love: the snow, the cold weather, the mountains and the nature. I enjoy this activity very much and it’s another way to stay with friends because many of them practice this sport too. I think that having friends is one of the most important things in life. Here in Italy I took part in several cross-country ski competitions. I train every day in summer, autumn and obviously in winter. But cross-country skiing isn’t my single passion, I like also running, cycling, ski rolling and many other activities.

Another passion I have is music, I play the viola (this instrument is not so popular: it is like a violin, but bigger and its sound is lower). I don’t play it very often (just once a week), but I like this activity very much. During the weekends I love going out with my friends, we love trying new experiences and have fun together!

One of the main reasons why I’d like to be an exchange student is because I love proving myself doing new things and learning many interesting aspects of a different culture. I love travelling too: I like visiting new places, meeting new people and living a different reality than mine.

I chose to do this exchange experience in Norway because I’ve always been fascinated by this country and it reflects my passions: snow, peace, cross country ski, mountains, travelling, beautiful landscapes, nature and beautiful culture. I’ve always dreamt to visit Norway, so I’m very excited that my dream’s becoming true and I’ll start this experience soon.

I hope I’ll have the opportunity to continue cross-country skiing and to study scientific subjects at school, but if it isn’t possible it won’t be a problem because I’m ready to try something new and I’m ready to adapt to my Norwegian life.

To me making this experience and living in a host family is the best way to learn new things and live a year as a real Norwegian boy. I hope to create a strong and close bond with you and to share as many experiences as possible. I’m ready to adapt to your house rules and I’ll be happy to participate actively in your life; if you want I’ll prepare you some typical Italian dish (I’m not a very good cook, but I can cook a tasty pasta :)

I can’t wait to start this experience and to meet you, thank you in advance for your hospitality!

Yours sincerely,


Nicola - pratsom, kreativ og ambisiøs! :)

Navn: Nicola

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Cremona, Italia

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Nicola er kreativ og musikalsk, han både synger og hører på musikk samt spiller flere instrumenter og han elsker å male og å lage mat. Han er også aktiv og liker å trene på treningssenter.

En hilsen fra Nicola:

I’m Nicola, the first thing that you should know about me is that I'm a very creative guy, I like to sing, play my instruments and to cook or paint when I can. Another aspect of me that you should know is that I'm a bit stubborn sometimes, but I’m working on it, I'm also an ambitious person, I always try to reach the top in what I do.

I care a lot about having good school marks, and I like to speak my mind when I have an idea. I love to sing, it really helps me a lot to chill and to share my emotions in a better way, I also really like to cook, I think that it's a very creative thing, in general I like everything that let me create things like dishes or songs or paints. I live without making expectations about anything, I like to live the moments and to appreciate the things that I have in that moment. I'd love to live with a host family abroad because I really like to get in touch with new cultures and habits and I'd really like to attend a high school abroad as I know that the school system is very different so I can know more things than I would have done in Italy.

I find Norway a beautiful country, it's peaceful, it has beautiful landscapes, it has a beautiful language because to me Norwegian sounds very fairy and magical, it has also one of the best school system in the world and I'm so happy about this! Another thing that I really do like about Norway is music, I know a lot of Norwegian artists that I listen to a lot.

I am a very talkative person and I manage to have great relationships with everyone I meet. My friends would describe me as a leader as I always want everything under control, but they'd also describe me as a helpful person, if someone needs help I'm always ready to help in everything they need.

I can't wait to meet you!

Thank you!


Sofija - flittig, resptektful og positiv! :)

Navn: Sofija

Alder: 17

Kommer fra: Monza, Italia

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

Sofija er en aktiv jente som liker tennis svømming og volleyball. Hun spiller piano og er også veldig glad i å lese. Hun er skoleflink og ser frem til et skoleår i Norge fylt med nye opplevelser.

En liten hilsen fra Sofija:

My name is Sofija, I’m seventeen years old and I live in northern Italy. I live in a city that is famous for its Formula 1 circuit.

Sport is important to me because it distracts me from studying and helps me to calm me. I play tennis twice a week and I have been playing it since I was seven. My favorite tennis player is Novak Djokovic. I met him three times, but in none of these I managed to get an autograph. Beside tennis, I used to swim once a week and when I was younger, I played volleyball. I’m 166cm tall, skinny, but with strong muscles.

I like music very much. I’ve been playing the piano for about four years and after seeing my good progress and enthusiasm, my parents bought me a very nice acoustic piano last year. Before, I played digital piano. I listen to many music genres, but in particular - pop music, sometimes classical and rock music.

I started thinking about going a year abroad at the beginning of this school year. After speaking with my parents about this, I decided to go to Nordics, Norway in particular, which is a very developed society, because I believe that improving the language is not the most important thing from this experience. My main motivation for going abroad is different. Nowadays, teenagers live in a society (at least this could be said for Italy) where they are “protected”, especially by their parents. They are less autonomous and even do not help their parents: everything is served to them. I think that going abroad would help me to become more autonomous and able to adapt to unexpected, sometimes difficult, situations. In Norway I’ll be in a completely different country, at the beginning not knowing the language and depending only on myself.

Norway, as I mentioned previously, seems to me a very developed society, one of the most developed, not only in Europe, but in the world. Having possibility to live some time in such society, to have a close view how it is, by doing daily things, is very important for making a valid comparison with Italian situation and habits, to understand differences and similarities, and realize what are the best things from both parts of Europe.

Thank you!

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