Våre elever fra Italia

Vi har for øyeblikket to elev fra Italia som kommer til Norge høsten 2020. Bli bedre kjent med dem under:


Navn: Giulia
Alder: 17
Hjemland: Italia
Ankommer: Oktober 2020

Giulia really love sports. Her favourite one is volleyball, in fact she has played it in a team for 8 years and she still love it. Giulia also like walking, so she often go walking in the countryside or in a mountain near her village. Giulia also like skiing with her family. ​

Why does Giulia want to do an exchange?
I have chosen this country because I wanted to leave my comfort zone and experience a culture and a language very different from mine. Moreover, I think that Norwegian people are really open-minded, and I like that! I also love Norwegian landscapes and I always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights.

Greetings from Giulia:
I'm a happy and friendly person: I like to meet and know new people, even though sometimes I'm a little bit shy when I first meet someone. I like to experience new activities, food, hobbies, sports, etc. because I'm a very active and energetic person. I think I'm a generous and altruistic person: helping other people makes me feel good. I'm very determined and ambitious, so when I want to reach a goal, I hardly give up. I'm optimistic and I always try to look on the bright side.


Navn: Riccardo
Alder: 18
Hjemland: Italia
Ankommer: Oktober 2020

Riccardo is very interested in music and also photography and making videos. Richardo attends an artistic high school in Italy. Riccardo also likes to swim, ski, climb and he used to play basket ball for 7 years. ​

Why does Riccardo want to do an exchange year?
I want to study abroad and become an exchange student to try a new experience, to grow and become more independent and because I love travelling, being in the nature and discover about a new culture. This is why I chose Norway for this adventure and also because of my love for north mythology and for pristine wilderness.​

Greetings from Riccardo:
I would like to share with my host family their traditions and habits, from food to their way of thinking and living. I hope to find a friendly and stimulating place, being able to see with my host family new places in a Country that has fascinated me for most of my life and being able to share with them also a part of what is my world, in Italy. In my high school I would like to share the interests I have towards art, videomaking, photography but also share knowledge with my peers and my teachers to grow up and learn new things.​

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