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Våre elever fra Italia

Vi har for øyeblikket 13 elever fra Italia som kommer til Norge skoleåret 2019/2020

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Valentina – Supervennlig, sporty og snill :)

Name: Valentina

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Italia

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

En hilsen fra Valentina:

My name’s Valentina, I’m 16 and I live in a small region in the Italian Alps (far up north-west), with my mother, father, and sister. My mom, Francesca, is a housewife and loves photography and my dad, Renzo, is a cameraman in a radio/television studio and loves sports. My sister, Giulia, is 21 and currently studying at the university in Bordeaux with the ERASMUS program. I also have a rabbit called Napo.

School takes most of my time, but I love spending time with my family or with my friends during the weekend. I love doing sports like alpine skiing and hiking. As you can imagine my region is a great location to take part in these sports. Last summer I also went to France with my family and my sister and I went surfing. I really liked it! Other than sports, I also like travelling, photography, listening to music and watching sports on TV. Another thing that I love doing is watching movies: my friends and I like going to the cinema or shopping together.

I am a very positive, patient and reliable person and even if I’m a bit quiet at first, once I get to know someone, I’m really open, friendly and talkative. At school, even when there is a challenging period, I always try to have a positive attitude.

I help my family with the housework daily so it wouldn’t be a problem to continue doing it even during the year abroad!

I’d love to live and study abroad for a year in Norway because I’d like to discover a country and a culture that is very different from Italy and to meet new people. I think that it would be a great opportunity to grow as a person and become more independent.

I chose Norway because I think that it’s a beautiful country: its nature, culture and people seem really nice, and it has been a dream for such a long time to spend a year there. I think that the best way to grow up is to have new experiences and to embrace the opportunities that you have, that's why I'm very grateful to be able to start this adventure!

I can’t wait to meet you in person!

Yours sincerely,


Lorenzo – Sosial, glad og sporty!

Name: Lorenzo

Alder: 17

Kommer fra: Italia

Ankommer: Høsten 2019

En hilsen fra Lorenzo:

My name is Lorenzo, I'm 16 and I am from Italy. I live in a city in the north-west, which is famous for its beautiful high mountains. I live here with my family: my father Paolo and mother Serenella. My sister Chiara lives in a different city now, because she studies at the university there. I don't have any animals, but I really love them.

I love sports and I often go to the gym in my free time. In my life I’ve practiced a lot of different sports like gymnastics, athletics, swimming, volleyball, basketball, and in the winter, I tried also snowboarding. This last sport is my favorite one, because I like the cold and the snow.

A lot of people asked me why I decided to this exchange experience and the answer is very simple. I love travelling, I enjoy discovering new places, visiting cities and learning new things about foreign cultures. I want to prove myself by living abroad and I think this year will give me the opportunity to grow up and to become more open minded.

I chose to travel to Norway because I like this country; I like the snow, the cold weather and the culture. I think I’m ready to face such an exchange experience because I’m flexible and open to try new things.

I hope we’ll spend an unforgettable year together. I can’t wait to meet you!

Yours sincerely,


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