Våre elever fra Italia

Vi har for øyeblikket en elev fra Italia som kommer til Norge høsten 2021. Bli bedre kjent med dem under:


Navn: Luca
Fødselsår: 2004
Hjemland: Italia​
Språk: Italiensk, tysk og engelsk
Periode: August 2021 – Juni 2022​

Luca loves nature, and he likes to go skiing in winter, while in summer he likes to make long bicycle journeys. He is in a swim team and in the last two years he was also in a triathlon team. He also likes playing chess, videogames and reading. He is a very curious boy and likes to be well informed about different topics, that’s why he reads everything he finds at home, newspapers, magazines and books. He is open to other cultures and curious to know other people and traditions, to discover new places and he also really wants to learn Norwegian!​

Hvorfor Luca vil til Norge:
"A few years ago I travelled with my family to your country in the summer holidays. I was mesmerized of the beautiful fjords and of the wild nature. It was so nice, that I immediately knew, I´d like to go to Norway in my high School exchange year. I think, the villages and cities are beautiful and the purity of the nature is incredible. I also liked Norway because of its fresh weather. I really like the cold more than the warm weather especially in summer. Moreover I love snow and I am really curious to see, how much it can snow in the North.” ​

En liten hilsen fra Luca:
"When I travelled to Norway, I saw the country, but I didn’t have any opportunity to meet with Norwegians. Now I would like to interact with people and learn more about your traditions. I really look forward to learn more about Norway and become part of your family!"​

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