Våre elever fra Tyskland

VI har for øyeblikket en elev fra Tyskland som kommer til Norge høsten 2020. Bli bedre kjent med dem under:

Timm – Åpen, vennlig og sosial

Navn: Timm
Alder: 17
Hjemland: Tyskland
Ankommer: august 2020

Timm kommer fra Hamburg i Tyskland, og til høsten kommer han til Norge på utveksling! Han liker å stå på skøyter, ski, tennis og vannski. Timm er også glad i teater, tegning og høre på musikk. Setter man pris på piano, er det verdt å vite at Timm har spilt siden han var fem år, og piano er noe av det han brenner mest for. Han er også glad i å bake, lage mat, jobbe i hagen og utendørsaktiviteter.

En liten hilsen fra Timm:

My name is Timm and I am a 17 years old boy from Hamburg in Germany. First, I would like to thank you that you are interested in me as an exchange student for the upcoming year.

I live together with my mom, my stepfather and my older brother.

Therefore, in August next year when I’ll go to Norway, I will have finished school. My graduation subjects are mainly science like physics or computer science. Thinking about my future carrier, I would like to study something like graphic design which implements parts of computer science and art and creativity as well. Sometimes when I´m bored I like to draw but very rarely big pieces.

I know that I won´t be flooded with free time in Norway but I hope that I can work on some new paintings or other creative tasks. Something I am very passionate about is the piano that I´ve been playing for more than 12 years. Right now, I´m more into classical music but I also like to play modern music sometimes.

When I hang out with my friends or my family, we often go to parks and enjoy the nature or take photographs. I´m very interested in the landscapes of foreign countries. My family and I once visited Norway because my mother is half Norwegian and I was instantly in love with the nature and especially the fjords. Therefore, I´m looking forward to visiting those places even though I also like the life in a big city like I live right now.

In my free time I like to play tennis at my tennis club. Once a year, usually in March, the whole family drives to Austria for skiing holidays. I don’t want to lie that I don’t like video games because I do play them sometimes but not on a daily basis. Since the internet is part of my life, I sometimes come across cooking videos by Gordon Ramsey or other chefs which inspire me to try new recipes. My brother also likes to cook so we sometimes cook together, and we have a lot of fun.

I am very excited to meet you and can´t wait till it´s August when my journey to Norway starts. I really look forward to getting to know the people and the country. I hope to hear from you soon!

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