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Våre studenter fra Tyskland

Vi har for øyeblikket én elev fra Tyskland tilgjengelige for skoleåret 2018/2019

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Kim – Livsglad jente som setter pris på nye mennesker og en god latter

Name: Kim

Born: 2002

Home country: Tyskland

Arrives: Høsten 2018

Kim er 16 år og kommer fra Tyskland. Hun er en livlig person som elser å more seg og le. Kim elsker å møte nye mennesker, og er svært aktiv innen sport, spesielt friidrett. HUn er en ivrig rytter. og driver også med svømming.

Hilsen fra Kim:

My name is Kim Lina but everyone calls me Kim, I am 16 years old and my parent's only child. I love my parents and I can tell them everything at any time. We live in Borgwedel, a small village close to
Schleswig which is a small town too, in an old house with a beautiful big garden. Our garden is very big, it is about 7 hectares in size. But it's perfect for my two horses.

In my free time I like to meet my friends, go shopping with them or go to the cinema. I'm a real shoppingqueen. But one of my greatest hobbies are athletics. I love doing sport and play sports games. Five times a week I carry out athletics. One day a week I go to the Youth fire department, because there I can meet with friends and want to help other people who are in need. Every weekend I have competitions from athletics.
My friends picture me as a helpful, sporty and optimistically person. I really love making people laugh and having fun, I also like meeting new people and get new friends. Also, I get along very well with small children.

I'm really interested in your country and your culture and I hope I can learn a lot about Norway while being there. I think the school system in Norway is different from ours. I would like to know how they are different and learn the language. I am really looking forward to my first school day. Moreover, I hope I find new friends. I think an exchange year abroad is a great chance for all involved to learn about a different culture, to get more experience and broadens one's mind. I am sure that I will get more independent after this year!

Best greetings from Germany

Ønsker du mer informasjon send oss gjerne en mail på [email protected] eller ta kontakt på telefon 23 35 88 50.