Våre elever fra Tyskland

Vi har for øyeblikket to elever fra Tyskland som kommer til Norge høsten 2019 og fortsatt venter spent på sine plasseringer.

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Antonia – Positiv, aktiv og ærlig

Navn: Antonia

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Tyskland

Kommer til Norge: Høsten 2019

Antonia er 16 år og kommer fra Telgte, en by nord-vest i Tyskland. Hun er en livlig person er glad i sport og musikk, og på fritiden liker hun å være med venner, reise og baking. Hun har drevet med turn i åtte år, og har spilt valthorn i symfoniorkester.

Hilsen fra Antonia:

My name is Antonia, I am 16 years old and I live with my parents and my 18-year-old sister Johanna in our house in Telgte.

In our free time we like to do sport, play instruments or read a book. I have done ballroom dancing because it is a great sport which includes music and fun, until my dancing partner went abroad for his exchange year. My dad runs, my mom does yoga and my sister plays badminton. Johanna plays the piano and the oboe and I play the French horn. We enjoy these hobbies a lot and when somebody in our family has a competition or a concert, we all try to come and support. I also really like meeting friends and doing fun activities like going to the trampoline hall, baking, playing table games or just talking and laughing with each other.

I also really like learning new languages and I think that it is an amazing feeling when you are able to talk in different countries to the people in their native language. I am very grateful that we travel so much with my family because it is very important to me and I love exploring new places. I like big cities and the way the people live there.

There is always something new to see and no day is like the last one. Nature inspires me and I love being outside. There are so many different and fascinating traditions, cultures and mentalities all over the world and I am open-minded and I would really like to get to know many of them.

Norway seems to be a very interesting and impressive country because the nature is wonderful with its fjords, mountains and lakes. I have also read a study about Norwegian people, which says that Norway’s inhabitants are the happiest in the world. Therefore I would like to find out, how Norwegians live and how your mentality is. Another point why I want to go to Norway is that I heard about your great education system and also about the people being kind and open-minded. I already started learning Norwegian and I like it! Your language has many similarities with German and I hope that I can learn your language while talking to you and the friends I will find.

I really look forward to meeting you and I hope that we will have a great time together!

With kind regards.

Sophie – Glad, sosial og hjelpsom

Navn: Sophie

Alder: 16

Kommer fra: Wustermark, Tyskland

Kommer til Norge: Høsten 2019

Sophie er 16 år og kommer fra Wustermark, en times kjøretur unna Berlin. Hun er en sporty og sosial person som er glad i sport og musikk, og på fritiden liker hun å være med venner og shoppe. Hun er en ekte utforsker og liker og reise nye steder.

Hilsen fra Sophie:

My name is Sophie and I am 16 years old. Here in my home country I live together with my mother and grandparents in a rural area. Since my parents are divorced I can only visit my father on the weekends. That’s not really a problem for me, because he lives in a more urban area, where I can get to know the city as well. So, I get a view into urban and rural life.

I am more the type of person that is a bit quiet and shy before I get to know a new person, because I don’t want to say something wrong that could eventually annoy or hurt this person. But if I have the feeling that the person I get to know and I have the same humor, I become more open. Besides that, I am a happy person that want to help others when they have problems. I am very inquisitively about getting to know people from different countries and their life. Furthermore, if there is a topic at school that really interests me, I am really ambitious to get to know as much as possible about it. Another point is that I am a dreamer. I like imagining things that could happen in the future, that’s why almost nothing sounds impossible to me.

Becoming an exchange student is still hard. You have to face a lot of things from the beginning until the end. Adding to this you really need to have the will: that if something doesn’t work the first time you try it again until it works , discipline: that you try to work hard on something even if you don’t feel like it and the industriousness: to work hard to reach your goal and making an effort. I think that I am a good exchange student because I have these 3 important things and I really want to make new experiences. I hope you got an introduction of me. It would make me really happy to be a part of your family. I am looking forward getting in contact with you and can’t wait to start my exchange year.

Kind regards

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